How to Transition from Working at Home to Working in a Real Office

How to Transition from Working at Home to Working in a Real Office


More and more people these days choose to work from home, and part of the reason is that it’s easier than it has ever been before. After all, access to a fast internet connection and a computer is often all you need.

But what happens when you return to working in a normal office with other people? Sometimes the transition can be difficult, so here are some tips on how to go about it successfully.

Find a Suitable Office

The first thing to remember is that the transition will be made a lot easier if you find the right office in the first place. There are many ways to find an office, but the best option is to start online by using a service like Click Offices.

You’ll quickly get access to a large selection of available offices so you can find one that looks suitable in minutes. You can then search for your office based on location, size, rent and facilities.

Prepare for Extra Expenses

You will probably have lots of other expenses to pay when you rent an office for you and your team compared to working at home. Rent is one of the largest expenses you will have to pay, but you will also need to pay for heating, water, broadband and more.

These are all things you may have been using at home without having to consider paying for them separately. You will also have to invest in desks, chairs and computers. This can be a large initial expense, so make sure you are prepared.

Make It Comfortable for Everyone

Suddenly working in the same space as other people can be difficult after working from home for a while. You will have to put up with other noises like conversations and telephone calls that you did not have to deal with before.

You can make this easier by ensuring the office is comfortable for everyone. Make sure everyone has enough space to work without encroaching on other people’s space. You could even have a dedicated room for telephone conversations and meetings so everyone else can continue working in peace.

Create Your Own Space

You will be used to doing everything your own way at home, and working in an office with other people changes that. Try to keep something to yourself by creating your own little space.

Make your desk your own by decorating it with photos and introducing some plants. These can help to make it more personal. You may be working in close vicinity with other people, but that should not stop you having your own personal space to enjoy working in.

Enjoy Working in Your New Office

While working at home has its benefits, and moving to an office to work with other people can be a difficult transition sometimes, you can make the move go a lot more smoothly with some careful planning.

So follow these tips, start looking for the perfect new office, and enjoy working with other people again rather than working from home.


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