What Type of Content Should I Put in My Website?

What Type of Content Should I Put in My Website?

You always hear that filling your website with great content is crucial in ranking on major search engines like Google. However, nobody tells you what type of content should you populate your webpages with.

This is a tricky situation. You need to strike a balance with a well-designed website with plenty of content but not too much that it compromises performance.

For instance, one of the elements that search engines look at when ranking your site is how fast each page loads. In the United States, the average page load speed varies according to the industry. Hyperlocal websites and classifies load at an average of 7.9 seconds. In comparison, travel sites load at an average of 10.1 seconds.

What are the factors that affect the page load speed?

  1. Traffic
  2. Videos
  3. Flash and other plugins
  4. Complex file format
  5. Large images
  6. Server/host
  7. Connection

Additionally, most of these elements are also necessary for your website. This is why web development should be outsourced to professional content creation services beaverton or because they possess the right technical know-how and knowledge to determine which content is best for your website.


Examples of Content for your Website

As already said, populating a website is a balancing act. The website should undergo periodic reassessment to gauge its performance to analyze its weaknesses and strengths.

Nevertheless, here are some of the examples of content for your website.

  1. Blog post. A blog is your way to connect directly to your audience. You can also establish your credibility and expertise through a blog post. One of the problems of small businesses is the lack of good writers to deliver quality content. In which case, they can always outsource this to content creation services in Beaverton OR for high-quality blogs that rank.
  2. Videos and images. Videos are very important platforms to reach out to your target audience. In fact, 8 in 10 online marketers use video as a tool to draw in traffic and engagement. Almost all online marketers claimed that they will continue to use video as a marketing tool.
  3. Infographics. Infographics are not only pretty, but they are also very effective in getting your message across. The audience loves the fact that all information is broken down into digestible pieces.
  4. List articles. Everybody loves list articles. You can choose a trending topic or a hot button issue of the day. The only problem, again, is finding the right writer to write the list article and they should be consistent as uploading once in a blue moon won’t do much to increase your traffic.
  5. Memes. Memes are funny, but they are also insightful. The best thing is that memes resonate with young people and even adults who understand their purpose.
  6. Product or service explainers. Your website is your platform to connect with your target market. It’s almost criminal not to exploit it by not promoting your products and services. For niche products, the website is a good way to introduce how yours are different from similar products being offered in the market.

There are so many more, of course, but you get the gist of the type of content that should populate your website. Working with a developer will also allow you to give your input to ensure that your website reflects your values, as well as the mission and vision of your company.



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