Visiting Mona Lisa? Here are some options for luggage storage near Louvre

Paris pops up a lot in people’s bucket lists – the beautiful city is the ultimate tourist destination, with dazzling cobbled streets and iconic cathedrals. A visit to the City of Light is incomplete without a trip to the Mona Lisa and her mysterious smile. The halls of the Louvre are decked with paintings, as historically important as Da Vinci’s masterpiece, and you can roam for days on end and still have lots left to explore inside Paris’ museums.

Luggage storage Louvre can pose a problem since it does not allow large baggage. It would be impractical to carry big bags around the museum as well. For tourists, this causes a challenge, especially if you packed just a giant backpack for the trip.

If you intend to make the Louvre your last stop before your trip back or want another glance before you leave the breathtaking city forever, these luggage storage options near Louvre provide you with a chance to do so freely.

Rest assured, since there are many viable options to rent storage space while you explore the city. These come at various rates and plans from which you can pick and choose based on what fits your needs.

1. Store it at the Louvre

There is space provided by the museum under the famous glass pyramids. These are self-service lockers and are free of cost. One of the main problems with this option is that it is somewhat unsafe – the Louvre is not responsible if anything gets stolen, and they also require you to collect it the same day as you rented the locker. The storage is also somewhat insufficient if your baggage is above a certain size.

2. Leave it at a railway station.

A few major railway stations in Paris provide good storage options with uniform locker fees across the city, varying according to how big the locker you rent is. These are also relatively unsafe, and they do not offer insurance or any guarantee about the safety of your property. It is time-bound – you can only keep your luggage there for up to 72 hours. One main issue is that the railway stations closest to the Louvre may not necessarily have the best storage options. The major railway stations that have these services include Gare du Nord, the Gare de Lyon, Saint Lazare, and the Montparnasse.

3. Vertoe

Storage renting services like Vertoe offer online reservation of storage places near major landmarks like the Louvre at a reasonable rate. These kinds of services provide insurance and safety that public storage services like railway stations do not offer – the insurance goes up to $5000, so you can be sure that your luggage is secure. You need to log in to the site and pre-book space, providing the details of your check-in and check-out time and the number of items. There are multiple spots across the city where you can drop these off.

4. Stasher

Stasher is also an app like Vertoe that provides luggage storage with the condition that it must be collected within twenty-four hours. The name speaks for the service – it is stashing your bags at their pick-up points and collecting them within the time limit. They also have a partnership with hotel chains that allow you to have insured storage almost wherever you go.

5. BagBNB

This is Airbnb for bags – BagBnB is a network of storage spaces that are usually either bars or restaurants that collect and store your luggage safely for a fixed rate. There are BagBnB pick up points as close as two hundred meters away from the Louvre. The full address and details are usually shared after you book your storage space. The one disadvantage of this system is the opening times – you can only collect your bags when the café or restaurant is open, so if you intend to stay a bit late in the museum, you will find it inconvenient with BagBNB.

The important thing to remember while exploring a city like Paris, which has thousands of years of history etched into its walls and streets, is to have a clear mind and a free gait. If you have taken care of the luggage storage Louvre will no doubt be a much better experience for you.

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