Watch Out for These 5 Culprits That Make Irritated Skin Worse

Watch Out for These 5 Culprits That Make Irritated Skin Worse

Having sensitive skin is a real bummer, even if you have ways to manage it. But the creams and techniques you have to heal inflamed, and itchy skin may not always do the trick. And many times, irritated skin can get worse.

If you’ve experienced this, then you don’t want to have a repeat episode. That’s why we’re going to fill you in on what you may be doing to make your itchy and dry skin worse.

By learning about these culprits, you can make sure your skin heals fast and looks and feels great again!


1. Don’t Itch!

Scratching your skin is a normal reaction if it’s itchy and irritating. But the problem with itching is it can make your skin issues worse.

Instead of scratching (which can exacerbate symptoms), leave the area alone.

Yes, it may take some major self-control. But until your inflamed skin calms down, the last thing it needs is to be further irritated.

2. Take a Break from Shaving

If you have ingrown hairs that need to heal, don’t continue to shave that same area. The reason why is it can interrupt the healing process, and your skin can become even more irritated.

It’s understandable if not shaving bugs you. Having hair grow in can be itchy and annoying! But if you already have ingrown hairs, it’s best to leave your skin alone so it’ll heal.

Speed Up the Recovery

To speed the recovery of the ingrown hairs, use creams that reduce inflammation. Putting a warm compress on the area may also help. If you’d like to go the more natural route, apply some lavender and tea tree oil to accelerate the healing process.

Get Your Hair Removed

Or, better yet, forgo shaving altogether! Laser skin treatments are an excellent option to get rid of ingrown hairs and your hair for good.

For example, laser bikini treatments are one form of therapy. Imagine how nice it would be not to have to worry about shaving your bikini area any longer? Ahh, the benefits of laser bikini treatments sound so lovely!

3. Don’t Take a Hot Shower

A hot shower feels great, especially during the winter, but it can dry out your skin.

If you already suffer from eczema, showering with hot water can make it worse.

Unfortunately, being in hot water dries out your skin, as good as a hot shower may feel. Instead of taking a hot shower, try a lukewarm one instead.

Your skin will be less irritated and keep some of its moisture. Of course, still, apply some lotion after your shower to keep it moisturized. And allow it to heal so your skin can repair itself.

4. Manage Your Stress Levels

Did you know that getting stressed out can also cause skin problems? Stress causes all sorts of skin issues, from acne to hives, to even eczema.

It’s easier said than done to keep the stress levels down, but there are some techniques you can try.

Talking to someone you trust about what’s bothering you can relieve stress. And so can going for walks, doing yoga, and even meditation may help.

Also, don’t feel bad if you need to take a mental health day once in a while. Sometimes it’s required so you can set aside some time to relax and unwind.

5. Combat Sweat

Sweat is another sneaky culprit that can go to war with your skin and result in acne issues.

Unfortunately, we can’t get rid of sweat. (Our bodies need to sweat to regulate our temperature!) Even so, there are some things you can do to prevent skin irritations caused by sweat.

A few things that will prevent acne and atopic dermatitis are:

  • Wearing loose clothes
  • Showering right after working out
  • Toweling off during exercise
  • Using an anti-chafing cream to fight inflammation


Now that you know about some of the culprits that make dry and itchy skin worse stay away from them!

You may feel tempted to take a hot bath or itch, but by doing so, you’ll make your skin condition worse.

But, if you’re up for the challenge, work hard to take care of your skin by avoiding things that will make it worse.

It is possible to have healthy skin without acne, eczema, and the like.

Figure out what’s causing your skin issues, and in time, your skin should be glowing and healthy again!


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