5 Brilliant Tips in Maximizing the Beauty of your Live Edge Dining Tables

5 Brilliant Tips in Maximizing the Beauty of your Live Edge Dining Tables

Live edge furniture collections by George Nakashima are considered as masterpieces. This brilliant craftsman developed the live edge aesthetic in the 1940s. Integral to Nakashima’s ideology is the concept that every tree had only one ultimate purpose.

Hence, he allowed the tree to form and work around its natural beauty — to embrace its flaws and its peculiarities.

Presently, a multitude of dining room styles showcases the simplicity and raw elegance of live edge wood. If you own a piece of live edge furniture or table, here are five brilliant tips to help you maximize its beauty and complement your place:


Appreciate its Unique Style. There are no two similar live edge dining tables. Live edge wood has crooks and curves and its usage for dining is somewhat challenging. Despite that, its rough edges are not perceived as flaws but as a unique style.

Start by finding a balance between both function and features while keeping in mind that beauty does not always equate to symmetry.

Mix and match. Designing a dining space with live‌ ‌edge‌ ‌dining tables is more about the overall feel and atmosphere of the room rather than just the centerpiece itself.

When you select the item, determine its core point of appeal, and then choose your decorations around that concept. Although your live edge dining table could be the highlight in a modern home, a bit of nature here and there will help complement its beauty.

Seat up. Having live edge dining tables would undoubtedly mean that choosing the seats to go with your new woodcraft treasure will be the toughest thing to decide.

However, a piece of live edge furniture is incredibly adaptive! Just make sure to get an element from the table, match it to your chair, then it is good to go.

Light it right. Do not be scared to go all out with the lighting as it only contributes to capturing further interest to the table! Stunning lighting enriches the expressionistic charm of live‌ ‌edge‌ ‌dining tables.

Furthermore, using recessed chandeliers with luminous descending candlesticks often helps in achieving the best results. Long live edge dining tables will also look great with linear light fixtures may it be hanging or on the tabletop.

Accessorize. Always keep in mind that the table is already a work of art, so do not overwhelm it with accessories. Just keep it simple. An organic touch or maybe a green piece of adornment will accentuate it elegantly, mainly if you have not gone all out for all the other elements.

When you want to redesign your dining space with a luxurious and enduring makeover, live edge dining tables are should be on the top of your list. They are gush-worthy with its magnificent, intricate lines, and organic features.

The world already has so much of shiny, metallic, and predictable synthetic elements. These dining tables provide a delightful twist – a change that keeps you fascinated.



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