5 Tips When Choosing Plus Size Comfortable Underwear.

5 Tips When Choosing Plus Size Comfortable Underwear.

It is estimated that over 80% of individuals wear the wrong fit for undergarments. Shopping for the right undergarments and lingerie is not easy since one cannot try out the cloth until after it is purchased. The task is made harder for plus-sized women since their sizes are not quite common in the stalls. The sizes available are either too big that they hang and slug or too small and tight, which makes the plus-sized individual more self-conscious. In addition, there are limited staples, designs, and choice to choose from for plus-sized women. Here are some tips on what to consider when selecting plus-size underwear clothing.

Choose a garment that is of the best fit.

Finding an undergarment for plus size people is no walk in the park, especially for bras. Either the cup size is too small, or the band waist size is too large. To find the right measurements walk into a store that offers sizing services, or you can easily do the measurement at home with the aid of a tape measure and a good you-tube tutorial. It is important to note that what may have been a perfect fit last month or last year may not be a perfect fit right now. Our bodies keep on adjusting; therefore, regular sizing is advised.

Being plus size does not mean that you pick the largest size available. The best-fitting undergarments will make you feel less self-conscious and oozing with confidence, which will be the best way to start your day.

Comfort is key.

Choosing the right undergarment that will not only feel good on your skin but also make you less self-aware of your body surroundings will make your day a little better. While shopping, consider the fabric that makes the underwear. Cotton fabric is the most recommended as it has a soft feel to the skin, and its material is breathable and absorptive.

Cotton under-wears are comfortable to wear. The fabric absorbs moisture and sweat from your skin, thus minimizing the chances of acquiring a bacterial and yeast infection. In addition, cotton fabrics are less likely to cause heat rashes and chafing. When shopping for a slimmer fit, choose synthetic fabrics like silk, nylon, spandex, or lycra.

Although the cotton fabric is highly advocated for its breath-ability and comfort, it rarely has a smooth finish and often such panties sag or roll. Fabrics like silk, nylon, lycra, and spandex have a more seamless finish and appearance. However, for such undergarments, choose one that has a cotton lining at the crotch for comfort and breath-ability.

Elastic under-wears, especially those with an elastic waistband, are the best as they will prevent the underwear from slipping or falling. Avoid undergarments with elasticized leg holes as they tend to bunch up. Too tight underwear will cause unattractive bulges, especially when you couple it with a tight-fitting top. Besides, undergarments that are too tight are not breathable, will leave skin marks, which might lead to health issues, and make you uncomfortable.

Choose undergarments according to your body type.

For individuals with most weight around the belly area, the high-waist underwear style is the best. These high-waist briefs are comfortable, and they will help hold your belly in place so that you don’t need to keep on pulling up your pants each time. Also, these high-waist briefs will help to accentuate your curves, especially for plus-sized women.

For plus-sized women with pear-shaped bodies, finding the perfect undergarment is difficult because what may fit the hips will not provide the waist and vice versa. For such plus-sized women, BigGirls Plus Size bottoms boy-short undies are recommended.

Plus-sized women who have a larger burst are advised to invest in a good bra that will provide support and comfort. Choose a bra that has the right cup size and is comfortable along the waistband. A bra made of thick material is preferred as it will offer support.

Durability and cost.

When shopping for undergarments, choose panties that will be durable and will not be too overbearing in terms of cost, however, if the price is a bit expensive, budget and save prior to shopping.


Lastly, it would be best if you accessorized your undergarment wardrobe by choosing different designs and colors. Choose bright colors, pair the color of your bra and undies. This will make you feel confident, sexy, and ready to face any challenge thrown your way.

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