5 Useful Methods of Handling A Small Move

5 Useful Methods of Handling A Small Move

Not all moves are large moves. For example, students moving into college dorm rooms or a few blocks down the road might not necessitate a full-service moving company. If you have to move a small load of possessions only, you might come right with using a shipment service and your vehicle to transport the items. Have a look at these five methods of handling a small move.

  • Hiring A Moving Container

Hiring a small sized moving container is an excellent method for handling a small move. If you are moving possessions to a small apartment, the usual size moving container is large enough for everything to fit inside. Such moving containers can be extremely useful for someone that is moving to an urban environment where space is limited, and storage is required. Since a moving container can double as a storage unit, you can use it for months to store items when you are moving into a smaller home.

  • Hiring A Mover That Specializes In Doing Small Moves

The priciest, but most convenient method for handling a small move is hiring professional movers New Orleans Louisiana to do the moving for you. Studio, local, small and specialty moves are done more efficiently when you hire an expert mover to get the job done. When a full-service mover seems a bit over the top for such a small move, but you will be needing assistance with the move, you can opt for labor-only movers to help with the heavy lifting. For help with moving only a few large pieces, you can hire a speciality moving agency that is primarily dedicated to moving specific items (i.e. appliance movers, piano, movers, etc.). Some movers specialize in small moves entirely.

  • DIY Move Using Your Vehicle

Many times, moving to a college dorm room means that you only have to move a few items. If everything fits into your vehicle, we recommend using this method. It is the cheapest and most flexible option since you can move whenever you choose to. You also have full control over the moving process from start to finish.

  • DIY Move Using A Small Rental Truck, Trailer Or Cargo Van

Small moves can often be done by using a small cargo van, rental truck or trailer. Small trucks can typically carry a one or two-bedroom load. Cargo vans and trailer rentals are best suited for college dorm room and studio moves which do not entail moving large furniture pieces. When hiring a van, truck or trailer, it is generally probable to rent the moving equipment as well (moving straps, dolly, etc.). If someone needs help with loading the boxes, it would be best to hire a man with a van instead.   

  • Shipping Items

When you need to relocate long distance, it is often best to merely ship your boxes and furniture to the new destination. If you are shipping a small load, there are a few ways to do so. For large items, you can think about using shipping partners which you can find on uShip.com. For miscellaneous items and boxes, you can ship the items with USPS, FedEx or UPS. Just bear in mind though that mailing services have particular restrictions and rules on the weight and size of items you are shipping.


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