Paint Your House Like A Pro

Paint Your House Like A Pro

When to take up the painting project of your house, you don’t simply take the brush and start off. A lot of things can enhance the result, and we mention them below:

Paint in dry weather

Painting on a rainy day can make your task tougher and time-taking. Humid weather makes the paint dripping and slow drying. So, if possible, wait for dry weather before commencing the painting. If it becomes essential for you to paint on a humid day, the only plus point of slow drying is that you can correct your errors of the first coat before moving on to the next one.

Prepare beforehand

You can’t skip prep time if you don’t want your work to go in vain. You need to clean up the walls properly, allow patching compounds, if any, to dry, scrap off cracks and peels. Then apply painter’s tape. How well you do this task would decide how good the result would be.

Buy required tools

High-end painter’s tape and good quality brushes and roller covers can save you a lot of time and also give the desired result. If you’re thinking of pinching pennies on the application, you might need to rethink your decision.

Cover what you don’t want to paint

This is what you need to pay a lot of attention to. Often DIY paint projects turn into regrets about messing up the floor, furniture, and doorknobs. You need to cover and protect anything that you don’t want to put paint on.

Apply primer

Paints that come with primers are a good choice for houses that have a clean and smooth surface.

However, if it’s been a decade since you’ve painted your house or if there are any issues with the wall, it is better to opt for a separate primer.

Box your paint

You must get the idea of how much paint you would require so that you can get it all at once. If you wish to save money, check out the Dulux deals or use designer paint voucher code. Put it all in a large container and get started with your work.

Use roller cover

Good roller covers demand less pressure and allow the paints to flow easily. So, no more spending time on the re-application of paints and perfect results with the least effort.

Start from the top

First, cut edges at the ceiling using a brush and then start your paint project from top to bottom. When the area starts to dry, leave it alone to avoid colour marks and streaks on the surface.


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