6 Ways to Design a Chic Outdoor Space Utilizing Outdoor Fabrics

6 Ways to Design a Chic Outdoor Space Utilizing Outdoor Fabrics

Outdoor spaces make you feel free and relaxed, especially if you have a nice view of a garden. Lounging under the healthy morning sun allows you to absorb crucial vitamin D. But make sure you are sunbathing and enjoying the outdoors in a stylishly designed space. If your outdoor furniture looks a little faded, and your chairs are as hard as stone pavement, it can mitigate your experience. Fortunately, it is easy to fix outdoor spaces. Simply spruce up your outdoors with fabrics. There is no design dilemma that fabrics can’t fix. Now there are even stores where you can check out some really good outdoor fabrics online and browse hundreds of designs that suit your aesthetic. Fabrics designed for the outdoors have special features such as UV protection and weather resistance, so they are guaranteed to be beautiful as well as long-lasting.

  • Hang Curtains in Your Outdoor Space

If you want a peaceful and quiet space with a bit of privacy, curtains create the ultimate ambience. The billowing fabric gives a calming vibe making you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation. This project is easy to DIY, and you will only need basic sewing skills.

  • Design Your Table Linens

It is easier to buy ready-made tablecloths. But creating one from your favourite fabric or left-over textiles from previous projects will give your outdoor dining experience a more personal touch. You can make everything match by sewing napkins and placemats using the same material. This project is pretty easy to do, and you can probably finish everything in a weekend. You will need a sewing machine to tidy up the edges.

  • Cover Up a Battered Sofa

Don’t discard your worn-out outdoor sofa, just yet. Old furniture, as well as inexpensive pieces, can be enhanced with new upholstery. However, this project will require top-level expertise. You need to carefully measure each cushion so that it fits snugly in the insert. You need to be an expert in piping so the finished piece will have a neat look. You may need to get the services of a professional unless you have the skills to sew it yourself.

  • Level Up Your Seats With Comfy Padding

Iron chairs are exquisite, but they are notoriously uncomfortable to sit on. The good thing is that this can be easily fixed by pairing them with seat cushions. Make sure to utilize plush material. You might be inspired to turn this space into a temporary office if you have enough cool shade. This project is easy, and you have the option to buy ready-made inserts to make the project simpler. Sew covers with ties can be attached to the back of the chair. There are plenty of designs you can browse on stores providing outdoor fabrics online, for a perfect summery look.

  • Conceal Old Furniture Frames

Skirt fabrics will conceal unsightly tables from every angle. Choose a beautiful fabric to cover a console and use it as a bar or buffet table. This project requires intermediate sewing skills. But it is a relatively simple project that only requires attaching five fabric panels. The cloth should line up with the ground. Measure a couple of times before cutting your pattern.

  • Create Several Seating Areas

Floor cushions are a lifesaver, especially in urban patio areas. Several pieces create colourful rooftop seating. Simplify this project by purchasing inserts. Sew the fabric by attaching two square panels and fastening a zipper on one side.


The wide array of outdoor fabrics to choose from can stimulate your creative juices. Give your outdoor space a makeover, and enjoy the airy and natural ambience. Comfy and fashionable outdoor areas are soothing sanctuaries that enhance your mental well-being and quality of life.


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