8 Stress-Relievers you Never Thought you Needed, But Really Do

8 Stress-Relievers you Never Thought you Needed, But Really Do

  • A Private Island Getaway

The truth is, we live in a demanding world, and each one of us, in some way, are caught up in rigid routines. And while routines aren’t always a bad thing, they certainly don’t allow much room for relaxing. This means our stress often builds up until there’s no option but to relieve ourselves of it – and it’s at this point we go on the hunt for the ultimate stress relievers. One incredible stress reliever, is travelling – however, it’s destination dependent. We’d recommend a getaway to a private luxury island such as Thanda Island, where it’s just you and the ocean. Yes, that’s right, you have the whole island to yourself and do what you please at any time of the day or night. You can sleep in as late as you like, sit under the stars until the sun breaks through the darkness and frolick in the crystal clear waters like it’s your very own pool – because it kind of is! This is a dream come true for many as there are no routines, with the most difficult choice being which activities to do, and what to order from the restaurant menu. Does this not just sound like the perfect place, paradise if you will?

  • Go Chocolate Tasting

Chocolate has this way of melting away any stresses of the day or week, possibly because, according to researchers, cocoa, which is the main ingredient in chocolate, releases ‘feel good’ chemicals better known as endorphins. Places like Franschhoek are known for delicious chocolate boutiques such as Huguenot Fine Chocolates, while another popular activity is the chocolate tasting experience at the Spice Route. What’s great about chocolate tasting is that you’ll (of course) be indulging in chocolate (who can say no to that?), and you’ll likely also be with friends who you can laugh, chat and eat chocolate with. Absolutely nothing stressful about that, is there?

  • Draw

Taking up a new hobby, such as drawing, is certainly a long-term stress reliever that everyone should consider investing in. Your hobby needn’t be expensive, drawing for example is something you can do on your own, in your own time and own place. You could walk down to the local park and try sketching the scenery or anything that comes to mind. This is particularly an great way to relax as drawing is very therapeutic, and so is nature. Drawing does not have to be complicated or expensive, it might just be doodling patterns and intertwining lines to form a unique picture, or you could take it more seriously and sign up for a drawing class where you can meet new people and learn new techniques.

  • Join a Fitness Class

Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress and improve your physical and mental health which will help you to manage stress better. We’d recommend joining a fitness class somewhere close, preferably in your area so that you avoid any added hassle in your routine. Joining a fitness class is great as you meet new people, but also because you are giving yourself some ‘me-time’ which essential in managing stress.

  • Help others

Another form of stress relief is going out to find ways to help others, through getting involved in a cause with a purpose, such as spending time with the elderly or at an orphanage in your community. This is very rewarding when you see that giving time to others not only adds value to their lives but to yours too. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the pleasure you give to others who appreciate it.

  • Sit in the sun and read a book

We are surrounded by beauty, good weather and sunshine so take time out for yourself, by relaxing outdoors. Take in the warmth of the sun and the fresh air while reading a new bestselling book. Taking time just for yourself is a great stress reliever as you are not having to entertain the thoughts or demands of others. And if reading a book is not for you, just spending time in the sun and taking in the fresh air can do wonders.

  • Learn a new recipe

For those who enjoy cooking, or learning something new, challenge yourself to a new recipe; perhaps the one that you saw some time ago and threw into a draw for one-day to try. Cooking takes you away from all the troubles of the day, and keeps you focused on something other than the work piling up on your desk at the office.

  • Watch a theatre show

Take time to look up what theatre shows are around and book one if you can. Sitting back surrounded by colour, beautiful costumes, storytelling and culture has this way of vaulting you into another world, another time, captivating you and sending your thoughts into new directions and away from your stress.


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