Adding Life To Story Boards With Boardomatics

Adding Life To Story Boards With Boardomatics

A technological revolution indeed, which can bring life to your pictures by the use of sound and animation. It is a powerful tool for and can be used for promoting commercials, illustrations etc. This has taken the whole industry by storm, can be used by directors to make their scenes perfect and also work good for any campaigns. It certainly helps in reducing the errors and editing efforts.

How Does Boardomatics Work?

It can be defined as a slide show of storyboards along with a cut to an audio track. If you have any commercial marketing idea in mind then this is the best, convenient, quickest and a cost-effective way to go for.

Power of Idea And Images

This one gives a platform to your creativity and makes the stories entertaining and enticing. Generally, if we talk about knowing or learning something, then theory and pragmatic approach works the best. Similarly, these story boards are colorful or black, may be in sketches but makes the whole concept very interesting. These are tactics which facilitate to pan, zoom, dissolve or even cut between frames.

A Successful Boardomatic Or Animatic

Until and unless an idea is conveyed properly, it won’t prove effective for you and the viewer both.

The boardomatic storyboards with simple camera movements or concepts tend to be more effective and creatively convey the story across to the viewers in an artistic manner.

This is an ART

Two main parts of it are:

  1. Understanding of the concept by the viewer
  2. Impact of the concept of commercial for a long time in the viewer’s mind

A few more characteristics of a successful broadomatics, and its performance while being tested

  • The camera movement is less and has few angles
  • They can be executed and performed easily
  • These do not involve any kind of big action, explosion, crowds or any sizeable motion
  • The number of characters is limited as compared to the movies

The broadomatics can be used for varied categories like action, animation, food, comics, fashion, conceptual elements, vehicles, music, packaging and much more. Famous Frames broadomatic story boards are doing an excellent work with their team of editors, producers with their sound services an extraordinary presentation.

The companies make ready to go presentations, keeping the needs, budget and schedule of the user. These productions also provide test spots for your convenience and choice. They can be relating

  1. Art – You can just sell your story with images, as they are made by expert artists, animators and work well for prime-time commercials, video games, theme park entertainment, print advertising and more.
  2. Boardomatics – Minimum movements of pan, close up movements on illustrated photographs or frames. They follow an economical approach.
  3. Animatics and 2 D animation and 3 D also- The 2 D animation is the traditional way to go for test spots. After making selection they can be done as 3 D and you are free to style your illustrations with the help of in-house editors.
  4. The Broad Cast Animation

This way broadomatics/ animatics can help you sell your idea in an interesting way. In case you are looking for getting your illustration designed, then hire a good storyboard designer.


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