Are losing streaks in slots a thing?

Are losing streaks in slots a thing?

Gambling at Storbonus is an outrageous amount of fun, and this is the main reason why the worldwide gambling industry has continued to grow since its legitimate beginnings in 16th Century Italy. Seriously, it just doesn’t get any better than gambling, especially if you happen to be experiencing a particularly lengthy and lucrative winning spell. But then again, a losing streak whilst gambling can be pretty hard to bear.

And this, after all, is the harsh reality of gambling: losing streaks can happen just as frequently as winning streaks, if not more. However we have to be careful here, as it is too easy to simply put a succession of losses down to an unlucky losing streak – there are often more factors at play here. Regardless, let’s take a look at the question: are losing streaks in slots a thing?


Losing streaks in general

So then, what even is a losing streak exactly? Well, a losing streak is essentially what it says on the tin: a sustained and consistent succession of losses experienced by a gambler. This can happen on any gambling game that you choose to play, it is simply part of the experience and every seasoned gambler will know this.

Losing streaks are easier to experience in some games such as roulette as oppose to blackjack because there is less that you can do to influence your fate, however they happen in each game nonetheless.

How do losing streaks in slots work?

Slots are a peculiar gambling game because as much as you can do yourself to make sure you are winning as much as possible, a lot of it is also purely down to chance. It is not uncommon for people to experience some pretty heavy losing streaks on slots, especially if they are playing games like the progressive jackpot Megabucks machines in Las Vegas.

It can be tempting to say that a losing streak experienced on a slot game is the fault of the machine, or that it is biased against the gambler, but this isn’t true at all. A losing streak on slots is just a result of an unfortunate number of unlucky things coming together.

Are losing streaks in slots a thing?

Losing streaks are certainly a thing in slot machines, you really cannot argue against this at all. There are differences to appreciate here however; for instance, it is a lot easier to experience a losing streak whilst playing progressive jackpot slots, as there are way less winners on thesen games.

Additionally, slots with a low RTP will on the whole pay out money less, and this means that there will inevitably be more losing streaks involved with these.

The best way to combat losing streaks in slots

What is the best way to combat losing streaks in slots? Well, one of the best tips is to simply swap games when you are losing frequently, it could make all the difference. Taking as much care as possible over bonus features is also a sure-fire method.


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