5 Steps to Salon perfect hair

5 Steps to Salon perfect hair

Nothing compares to that feeling when you’re fresh out of the salon. But in a few simple steps, you can get that salon-perfect look at home too.


Get the right hair washing products

The way to getting salon-perfect hair starts way before you even get to styling. The first step to good hair is taking care of it. And that starts with the products you use to wash it. Finding the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is crucial to keep it looking its best. And using professional hair products is a sure-fire way to achieve that salon-perfect look. Investing in these products means that your hair will be getting all the nourishment and gloss that it needs. This means that when you come to style it your hair will be way more manageable.

Style it out

Everyone knows that nothing completes that salon look like a perfect salon blow-dry. This is characterised by big waves and lots of volume. So style it out right by using your hairdryer to really get underneath your roots and give your hair the volume it needs. A curling iron or rollers can help you to achieve effortless loose waves too. So whether you’ve got a big date, or just want to feel good for yourself, make salon-perfect hair work for you!

Give your hair what it needs

Getting salon perfect hair means using the right styling products as well as the right hair styling tools. Depending on your hair type, you should use styling products such as creams, gels and oils to target your hair problems. Whether you want more voluminous hair or less split ends, there’s a hair styling product out there for you.

Identifying your hair type is vital if you want to take care of it properly because some haircare products could actually be limiting your hair. Use products that compliment your hair’s natural type, and then you’ll see it’ll be easier to style too.

Deep condition regularly

Keeping your hair in good condition is crucial if you want it to style more easily. When your hair is moisturised and soft, you’ll be way more likely to get it into the style that you want and avoid flyaways and split ends. Deep moisturising treatments are a great way to give your hair some extra love and strengthen it, especially if you use heat styling products on your locks.

Once a week is a good balance to give your hair a deep condition with whatever hair mask or deep conditioner you prefer. The great thing about these products is that you can tailor the treatment to what your hair needs, and they include hair superfoods such as argan oil and shea butter.

Go easy on the colour

The last tip to getting salon-perfect hair is to avoid using too much colour on your hair. Bleach in particular and excessive dyeing can damage your hair and leave it feeling brittle and dry. This then can make styling a nightmare. So if you want salon-perfect hair, try to limit yourself to only dyeing your hair once every 8 to 12 weeks to keep it in good condition.


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