Are Small Flats Worth Buying?

Are Small Flats Worth Buying?

You might hesitate to buy a small flat because you want something more spacious. However, considering your financial limitations, the idea of purchasing an affordable flat is enticing. Buying your own unit might also be a more practical option than renting one. You can find bigger options for the same price, but you want it once the lease is over.

Therefore, even if some flats aren’t ideal due to the available space, they are still worth considering. Besides, there are means of making the most out of that limited space.

Choose a minimalist approach

The good thing about a minimalist approach and decorating your house is that you don’t have to invest in many items. Even if your place looks simple, it’s still comfortable. You don’t need a spacious house to call it home. As long as everything you need is there, you will feel good about residing in a small flat.

Choose customized furniture 

Since you save money by choosing a cheaper flat, you can use your savings for other items. Customizing your furniture would be the best option since you can adjust the size depending on the available space. Fitted bedrooms will be perfect if your flat is quite small because you can adjust the design based on the area. You can fit all your clothes and accessories in a tight space. Even your chairs and tables can get customized so that you won’t have a hard time moving around your flat. Since you saved money by choosing to live in a small flat, you can splurge a bit on customized furniture. If you choose the right materials and work with the best builders, the furniture will last a long time. It would be worth the investment.

You can make it look bigger 

There are other tricks to make your flat look bigger. You can buy mirrors so you create more depth. You can also ditch the curtains in exchange for blinds, so you create a seamless connection between your room and the outdoor space. Be smart in choosing the home accessory to create an illusion of having a bigger flat.

You can invest in a bigger house later

Everyone dreams of owning a place. It doesn’t matter if you have a small flat for now. If that’s what you can afford, you have to invest in it. Besides, if you eventually save more money, you can sell your unit and purchase a bigger house. You can also decide to keep your flat while investing in other properties.

You don’t want to blow up your financial resources

Deciding to settle for a small flat is a practical option. You understand what you’re financially capable of. You don’t want to go beyond what you can pay for now, and end up with a huge debt. You would rather live a simpler life and make the most of what you earn. Besides, the goal isn’t to brag what you have with your friends. You choose a home depending on your financial capability and preferences. If others can pay for bigger houses, you should be happy for them. Aspire to get what they have in the future, but not there’s no need to rush.

Compare the choices

The point is that there’s nothing wrong if you decide to buy a small flat now. You can decorate it in a way that it looks more prominent and more comfortable. Start by comparing the options available. Ask flat managers in different areas to compare the units and decide which would be perfect for you. There are real estate agents who can provide you with more information about the different choices. Some of them won’t ask for an upfront fee. They will only get paid if you decided to close the deal. With the connections they have in the industry, it’s easier to find what you deserve to have.

Again, there’s always an option to move to a bigger place later when you have enough savings. You can also consider moving when you decide to start a family. Try to save money so that when your family starts to grow or you already got tired of where you live now, you can afford to do it. Be disciplined with how you spend your income so you can afford to buy a bigger house in the future.

For now, if you live alone and you want to be more independent, buying a small flat would be an excellent choice. Once you already relocated, you will realize that it’s not a terrible choice after all. You will still enjoy it and feel comfortable with it. You can also organize parties and invite your friends over. Have fun decorating your place and trying out different options to make the place look better and more liveable.


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