Why You Should Eat Flavored Cashew Everyday?

Why You Should Eat Flavored Cashew Everyday?

Cashew is no doubt a very beneficial nut for your health which gives you several health benefits. They are rich in fiber and plant protein, good for your heart health, boost your immunity, and also aid in treating various mental health issues such as depression.

Besides raw cashews, you can also enjoy different flavored cashews like salted cashew, caramel cashew, and many others. Deliciously flavored cashew would be a great treat for you without worrying about excessive calories which are amazing, right? But you must be careful about where you are buying your flavored cashews as quality and cleanliness are the factors that should not be ignored.


Benefits to Your Health from Flavored Cashew

As said above, there are several health benefits you can get from eating organic cashews that too flavored. The list of benefits is so long but here are some significant benefits of flavored cashews.

Improved heart health

It is a general assumption that fats are not good for health but it is not true in every case. Some fats are actually good for your health especially your heart health. These healthy fats include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are enriched in cashews. They help in lowering the cholesterol level in the body and reducing the risk of various heart problems such as heart attack or stroke.

Cashews are rich in magnesium and copper and both of these minerals are great for not only cardiovascular health but for your overall health as well. These minerals along with many others have anti-inflammatory properties that protect your heart from diseases.

Helps in weight loss

The idea of losing weight is fascinating but it is not that easy to lose those extra kilos. Adding cashews to your diet improves your metabolism as they are a great source of Omega 3 which boosts the metabolic process and helps you reducing weight more easily and in a healthy manner. This means that contrary to the common postulation, cashew, and other nuts are not associated with weight gain.

Rich in fiber

Fibers are so good for our digestive system and they can eliminate several digestive problems. Our body cannot produce these fibers and they have to be consumed externally. Cashews are a great source of dietary fibers and are really helpful in digesting the food properly that also saves you from bloating. Besides that, they are great for treating other gastric issues.

Boost your immune system

Same as the other minerals, cashews are rich in zinc also, which is extremely important for your immune system. The immune system battles against the diseases and keeps you protected. The amount of zinc you get from 1 ounce of cashew is 1.6 mg while the required amount in a day is 11 mgfor men and 8 mg for women. That means you get much of your daily zinc requirements fulfilled by eating a few cashews a day. So if you want your immune system to be strong and your body to be healthy, add cashews to your diet.

Good for your skin

Eating cashews affects your skin and make it more healthy and glowing. Besides eating them, you can also use cashew oil, extracted from cashew seeds which are very rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It helps to restore the natural moisture of the skin keeping it fresh and wrinkle-free. Moreover, cashew oil also prevents you from skin cancer.

Rich in protein

They are a great source of protein which is essential for the muscles and keep them healthy. These protein-rich nuts are a great source of energy. Furthermore, this protein is too good for your hair as well. You can consume the cashews or apply them to your hair to get benefited from them.

Helps to prevent Diabetes

As said above, cashews are rich in fiber which makes them helpful for reducing and maintaining blood sugar levels. Moreover, they have a relatively low amount of carbohydrates and sugarso they are a good pick for people suffering from diabetes.

Flavored Cashew: An Instant Energy Booster

With all the nutrients and carbs, cashews are an instant energy booster and a go-to snack for you. You can eat these healthy snacks without worrying about extra calories that can cause weight gain. Even raw cashews can be consumed but if you do not like them much, flavored cashews are the best option for you. There are a variety of flavors available which you can choose according to your taste. It means you can healthily fulfill your cravings, that too with different taste options. So next time just pick a handful of flavored cashews to lift your mood if you are feeling low.

Different ways of enjoying flavored cashews

The flavored cashews can be used in various recipes to enhance the taste so you can make your favorite dishes more delicious just by adding them. Here are some ideas for you on how you can consume them.

A quick snack

Cashews with different flavors can be your quick and go-to snack. This wholesome nut is packed with a lot of nutritional benefits to keep you healthy and satisfy your taste buds with diverse flavors.

Enhance your different recipes

You can use flavored cashews in your favorite recipes to enhance the taste and add more nutrients to your meals that are essential for your body. There are many ways you can this beneficial nut to your diet effortlessly.

Add in curry for extra flavor

If you want to supplement your curry with extra flavor and taste, you must try adding cashew to it. It will not only enhance the taste but the crunchiness will take it wholly another level. So next time, do not forget to add these flavored cashews into your curry to amaze everyone and making them ask what your secret is.

Great for maintaining the texture of creamy soups

If you are a soup lover, that too cream-based soups, flavored cashew is a perfect alternative to the cream full of fats. You can easily use them in soup for a creamy texture and heavenly taste. Just blend them and use them instead of cream.

Used in cashew chicken

While talking about all the cashew things, how can we forget to mention everyone’s favorite cashew chicken? This is the best thing you can make with cashews. So do give it a try if you are a fan of Asian food.

A perfect dressing for your dishes

In addition to all the other recipes, flavored cashews can be used to garnish your dishes, whether they are sweet or salty. Just crush them and use them as a perfect dressing.

Cashew milk

Blend the cashews with milk to get a healthy drink for yourself, cashew milk. You can get a variety of flavors by using different flavors of cashews.

Where to buy the best-flavored cashew

Buying cashews is not a big deal, buying organic ones is. You should never compromise on quality and be careful about where you getting them. Always choose a reputed company like Beyond the nut, to buy them as fair trade cashews. This means you can get quality products at a fair price as well as investing in a better community for the future. These fair trade cashews are playing a great role in the betterment of society which is an amazing initiative.


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