A Busy Mom's Guide for Skin Protection and Skincare

A Busy Mom’s Guide for Skin Protection and Skincare

As mothers, we are busy with chores in and around the home, helping with our kids’ homework and preparing food for our families. This leaves us with no time to visit a dermatologist or spa to take care of our skin’s health. We present you with the non-time consuming treatments and habits that you could develop to keep your skin young and revived.

Wear sunscreen regularly.

The harmful radiations emitted by the sun are our skins’ greatest enemies. The UV rays emitted by the sun cause many skin complications and sunscreen acts as your skin protector.

A sunscreen over SPF 30 is recommended for your skin’s protection from the sun’s harmful rays. The three labels that you should look out for while choosing a sunscreen are “noncomedogenic”, “fragrance-free”, and “broad spectrum”. These labels are signs of a good sunscreen that will provide overall skin protection to your skin.


Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing is the secret to youthful skin. Moisturizing traps water in our skin, therefore, keeps our skin hydrated throughout the span of the day. Wearing moisturizer at the beginning and the end of the day could uphold the integrity of your skin.

Wash your skin gently

Washing your skin keeps it clean and fresh. However, scrubbing your skin hard with scrubs and scrubbers might cause existing acne to inflate and cause skin irritation. Gently washing your face is the best way to keep your skin clean and prevent a buildup of oil and dirt. Washing your face removes dead skin cells and helps you maintain flawless skin. Washing your face before and after sleeping will benefit your skin health. Be sure to wash your skin after traveling regardless of distance as your skin is prone to be dirty.

Use ultrasonic Skin scrubber & Skin spatula

We find it hard to make time for spas and salon therapies. That’s where the skin scrubber & skin spatula by Capitan Green comes in. The skin scrubber provides helps you remove dead skin and eliminate blackheads. It also helps with cream absorption in the comfort of your home.

The spatula works using an ultrasonic mechanism that creates vibrations to exfoliate your skin and to remove excess dirt and oils trapped within blackheads. The vibrations are powerful enough to shed dead skin. This skin provides you with a well-rounded dermatologist grade treatment to attain flawless skin

Get your beauty sleep

Getting enough sleep is the key to flawless skin. Skin repairs itself when you are asleep, therefore, not getting eight hours of sleep will lead to sallow and dull skin complexion along with dark circles. This alone could make you appear older than you are. Getting 8 hours of sleep is optimal for maintaining the health of your skin.

Avoid drinking & smoking

Alcohol is rough on the skin. It dehydrates and damages the skin over time. Our alcohol is usually accompanied by a quick smoke. Smoking quickens the rate at which your skin ages. Smoking causes wrinkles and creates a dull and sallow complexion.

Rule out stress

Stree directly correlates with the health of your skin. Stress can wreak havoc on your skin. Blemishes, dullness, and rashes are caused due to stress. For instance, while we’re in a stressed state of mind, we tend to furrow our eyebrows over and over again. This leads to etching lines on your face that stick with you forever. Eliminating stress could greatly help the health of your skin and mind. Taking a vacation with your friends and family, exercising regularly, and spending time on your hobbies help you reduce stress.

Consume plenty of water

Flaky, dry skin forms due to dehydration. Drinking 3 liters of water will provide your body with the right amount of hydration internally. Regardless of your hectic schedule, you should try to improve the quantity of your water intake. If you find it hard to consume plain old water, you could cut a few citrus fruits and place them in your pitcher. However, do not use sugar-based mixes as they are not good for the health of your skin.


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