Tips in Designing your First Business Card

Tips in Designing your First Business Card

If you work in a line of business that involves interacting with other companies or founders, then you must have a business card. Though it may seem like a small thing, a business card can speak volumes about you, your company, and your brand. Thus, having an attractive and clear card can make a great impression and attract potential clients and customers.

Given the weight that a business card carries, you may feel overwhelmed at the prospecting of creating your first business card. From organising information to designing to business card printing, there are several steps involved, and the process is not as simple as it seems. Fortunately, there are many rules and tips that you can follow to create a stunning business card and leave a good first impression.

Only Put What is Important

Adding relevant information in your business card may seem like a no-brainer, but often, the challenge lies in choosing what is essential or eye-catching for recipients. Given that you are working with limited space, you have to be selective with the content that you put. If possible, do not put filler information or try to reduce your font size to fit in more details. Even if you can add more points, the business card may not be as attractive due to the information overload.

Get Professional Printing

When it comes to business card printing, it is best to get them done professionally. Printing shops have access to commercial equipment and multiple stock choices, allowing your business card to look presentable and of quality. Though you will have to incur some additional costs for getting professional printing, the benefits will outweigh the costs in the long-run because of the impression you can give with a beautifully printed business card.

Aside from the actual printing job, you can also take the extra step and get special finishes for your card. Try to think of what cut, size, or accent will suit your brand the best so that you can convey that message to recipients. Printing services offer a range of options, including die-cut, foil accents, embossment, rounded corners, and so many other things to make your business card stand out from the rest!

Emphasise Visual Appeal

Though the information in your business card is what recipients will look at primarily, the visual aspect of your card is the first thing that they will see. Thus, you still have to consider the design of your business card and try to be creative, incorporating the branding of your company. Make sure to use the same colours and overall design that you do on your website, logo, and other materials so recipients can better remember your company.

Ultimately, you have to remember the basic designing concepts, such as the use of 300 dpi for the best quality images and minimum font size to ensure legibility. You can also make effective use of white space by focusing your content on a particular side of the card, which helps draw attention to the area that has your text and logo

Technology may be peaking in today’s age, but business cards continue to be relevant for various reasons. Nothing beats the classic wallet-sized cards that give a glimpse of a company’s products, services, branding, and such. Though technology has made connecting much more convenient, there is still something about a tangible business card that you give to others that continues to be an effective strategy.


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