Common Reasons Why a Leaf Blower Won’t Start

Common Reasons Why a Leaf Blower Won’t Start

Do you want to know why your leaf blower is not starting correctly? Well, most of the times the leaf blower would not be giving you the best cleanliness and hence sometimes even despite being brand new it won’t start.

There are some reasons why a cordless leaf blower is not starting, and here we are letting you explain with some of the common issues below:

Old Fuel Left in Your Leaf Blower

Maybe the main reason behind why a leaf blower won’t start up toward the beginning of fall is because of old fuel. Gas doesn’t age well, and regardless of whether you leave it in your leaf blower for only 30 days, it might as of now have decayed to the point where your machine won’t begin appropriately.


With time, a portion of the fluid will dissipate off – and after sitting unused for, over a large part of a year, the fuel in your machine will presumably have gone to a thick slime. On the off chance that this has occurred, you need to expel the old fuel and refill with crisp fuel. Instead of enabling this to happen, you ought to dependably make sure to discharge old ammunition before putting away your blower long haul. Along these lines, you won’t need to confront this issue the next year.

Obstructed Carburetor

This issue is one that regularly occurs for a similar reason as portrayed previously. On the off chance that fuel sits for a long time, it turns out to be thick and gooey, and if you attempt to utilize it, this thick goo can obstruct the carburetor.

Check the carburetor to check whether this is the thing that has occurred. On the off chance that it has, you can clean the carburetor or can also remake the carburetor or supplant the carburetor. Again, to dodge this issue, recall never leaving fuel sitting unused in your blower for long stretches.

Stopped up Fuel Filter

One more issue identified with old, sticky fuel is a blocked fuel channel. Verify whether the fuel channel has been hindered by gunky fuel. On the off chance that it has, this will keep the blower from the beginning so you will have to supplant the channel.

Oil-Gas Mix

If you have a blower with a two-stroke motor, and you don’t utilize it for some time, the oil and the gas in the fuel blend may start to isolate. You can resolve this issue by simply giving the device a decent shake before you begin it. This is a fundamental trap and always worth an attempt. This possibly applies to 2-stroke motors – on the off chance that you have a four cycle leaf blower, this won’t help by any means.

Flash Plug

After fuel related issues, issues identified with the flash attachment are presumably the following most normal explanation behind a leaf blower to not begin, particularly when utilizing it out of the blue toward the beginning of the period.

Sparkle fittings can undoubtedly wind up worn, harmed or messy – and if this occurs, your leaf blower won’t begin. Sparkle plugs are not costly, and it is an excellent practice to supplant them toward the beginning of the period in any case and hence considerably more frequently with apparatuses that see substantial use.

Air Filter

On the off chance that the air channel ends up blocked, it will counteract fuel and air blending expertly in the motor, and in the long run, this will make the blower quit working. You can forestall it by routinely cleaning the air channel and on the off chance that it turns out to be excessively filthy or stopped up to clean as you should supplant it with another one.

Primer Not Pumped

When beginning a gas powered, Toro 51621 Ultra Plus Leaf Blower, you have to siphon the textbook before pulling the starter line. On the off chance that you don’t, there’s a decent possibility you’ll experience difficulty beginning it. Siphon the introduction around five or multiple times and take a stab at destroying the string again to check whether this is the issue. Continuously read the client manually to ensure you realize how to begin and utilize your blower effectively.



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