Quick tips to Memorise Gre Words

Quick tips to Memorise Gre Words

Words have never been an issue but when they are asked in a test like Gre; they can be really intimidating. If you think that you would make a guess work, you are wrong. There are similar sounding words that might end up ruining your performance during the test. You can do wonders during the test once you have good knowledge about the words and how they are different than the words that belong to the same family.

Remember even if you have joined a class or centre like Gre coaching centers in Hyderabad, even then you have to make sure that you are focussing on your words lists. You have to make sure that all the words you learn are embedded in your mind firmly. You can take up professional guidance too but again, you have to work on your own specific ways too. Following are a few tips for excelling at the words.

Find out the strange words

There are endless words that you don’t know right? Try to read important articles, newspapers, magazines, books and other content that might get you some important words. These words would be new to you but you don’t have to worry. You just have to note them and make a list of them. In this way when you would start noting down their meanings; you do have hit words in hand.

Acquaint yourself with the words

Once you have a list ready with you make sure that you start acquainting yourself with the words. Once you know about the words, you would end up with the best understanding of them. Try to write down the meaning of the word in both ‘noun’ and ‘verb’ format. If possible then note it in adjective and adverb too if applies. In this way you would get to know about almost all the forms in which the word can be used. Make sure that you note the meaning of the word in simple language.


Use them in your own way

Once you have written the meaning too; then is the time to write down the words in your own sentences. You have to use the words in your own lines because you know the meaning now. In this way you would make the strange and acquainted words your own. Once you have done friendship with the words by using them in your own contexts and sentences; you would end up with the best understanding of the words.

Try to revise once in a week

If possible, initially it would be good if you do revision of the words or contexts you have done in words. In this way you would keep the words fresh in mind and repetition of words in your mind would definitely give you a strong grip on them. You would not forget the meaning of the words for the rest of your life. Even in coaching classes like gre coaching centers in Hyderabad, the professionals put stress on minimum amount of revision for keeping the concepts fresh in mind.


So, since you have these points in mind, make sure that you start your preparation confidently.


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