Cool Girl's Guide to Styling Your Birkenstocks

Cool Girl’s Guide to Styling Your Birkenstocks

The iconic shoe of the hippy subculture is back in style. The Birkenstock sandal styles that have come to seem timeless actually date back to 1964. In recent years, cool girls and hipsters have come to appreciate the quality and distinctive styling of these shoes. Discover how trendsetters are wearing Birkenstocks and where to get the best deals on women’s shoes online.

Casual Comfort

Cool girls prioritize comfort in addition to style. Rising stars and influencers tend to prefer footwear and clothing that is eye-catching, yet feels natural and comfortable. Birkenstock shoes have footbeds that conform to fit your feet and styling that corresponds to these ideals.

Suede leather, synthetic Birkibuc and other premium upper materials can provide optimal comfort. If you plan to wear Birkenstocks around water, you may prefer the new all-EVA versions of popular styles such as the Arizona double-strap slide and Gizeh flip flop. Styles with cork soles and leather or synthetic leather uppers should be kept dry.

When looking for women’s Birkenstocks for sale, think of how you plan to wear these shoes. Most Birkenstock sandals are intended for casual wear, though you may be comfortable walking considerable distances after breaking in a pair of these shoes. You may prefer the classic cork footbed or an updated footbed.

Neutral Necessities

One of the most on-trend ways to style Birkenstocks is to select these shoes in a neutral shade. Cool girls and style influencers have recently demonstrated that neutral palettes can be anything but drab. While brown and black are the most common neutral colors for Birkenstock shoes, many styles are also available in white and a range of brown shades.

The degree to which a shoe of any shade will appear neutral depends on the color palette of an outfit. If you wear a monochrome black outfit, a neutral shoe in any other shade will stand out. White shoes also look prominent with many clothing colors, which has made this a popular shade of shoes.

Fresh Takes

If you prefer to wear brightly-colored shoes, you may want to consider more recent releases from Birkenstock. Classic cork sandals are available with more colorful uppers, including some metallic shades. Shoes with different types of soles such as the EVA waterproof sandals come in a wide selection of colors and tend to be monocolor, with soles and uppers of the same shade.

If you are hesitant to invest in a unique color of Birkenstocks, consider the most common clothing colors in your wardrobe. The right color of shoes can look eye-catching with many outfits in your closet. If you still aren’t sure, you can look just as cool in neutral sandals or shoes.

Style icons have worn Birkenstock sandals and shoes with a wide variety of clothing since the styles that are still most popular today debuted back in the 1960s. Most jeans, trousers, shorts, skirts and dresses look great with Birkenstock shoes. More options for colors and materials and releases from several designer collaborations are also reasons why so many celebrities, influencers and cool girls love Birkenstocks.


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