Creative Ways To Reheat Dinner for Lunch

Creative Ways To Reheat Dinner for Lunch

One of the best ways to enjoy lunch is to reheat your dinner leftovers. It is easy, it is delicious and it takes almost no time to do. However, sometimes microwaved food can be less-than-ideal. Fortunately, with a few tips and tricks, you can enjoy a meal that is as good today as it was yesterday. So, before you start searching for “cheap lunch near me,” try these ideas.


Turn Your Dinner Into Lunch

Reheating leftovers depends a little on what you had for dinner. To simplify things, the following tips will assume that you had pizza, the ultimate food for leftovers. However, the same concepts can be used for almost every food you can imagine.

If you are microwaving, the best thing you can do is include a cup of water in the microwave with your leftovers. Anything with starches such as pizza dough will tend to dry out and get chewy when microwaved. By including the cup of water, this will be significantly averted. Try this the next time you need to reheat a slice.

Another great strategy is to use a frying pan with a little oil. Place the leftovers in the pan and put a lid over the top. Fry the food at medium heat for a few minutes. The result will be a nice, crispy bottom with a soft and delicious top.

Finally, you can reheat it in the oven by baking at a low temperature. This is a little slow compared to the above two ideas. However, it can produce some of the best possible results. Make sure to wrap your food in foil to trap in moisture.

Be Sure To Get Some of Papa John’s Cheap Lunch Options

If you mess up reheating or just don’t want to deal with the hassle, you can always order delivery. Papa John’s has some of the best pizza delivery deals. Between the regular specials, promotional codes and Papa Dough rewards, you can be confident you will score a good deal. You could also consider grabbing a Papadia if you don’t want pizza. This sandwich is a truly unique lunch food option.

Leftovers Have Never Tasted Any Better for You & Your Wallet With These Best Pizza Delivery Deals

As mentioned above, pizza is one of the best ways to do leftovers for lunch. While chewy pizza has plagues people for many years, knowing the right reheating strategies can fix that problem. So, you will end up with an affordable meal and delicious leftovers. After all, if you ordered enough pizza, there are going to be a few leftover slices. That is just how pizza works.

Order Your Next Meal Now

Before you start searching for “best food delivery near me,” think about ordering pizza. It is a great dinner that is easy to share with friends and family. Just about everyone loves a hot, cheesy pizza. Plus, you can eat the extra slices as a leftover lunch. That is a smart way to feed yourself and others. Order your lunch or dinner now and enjoy the leftovers tomorrow.

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