The Dangers of Poor Posture You Should Know

The Dangers of Poor Posture You Should Know

If you work in an office or at home, there is a high probability you spend most of the day seated in a chair. But how often do you sit in the right posture?

It is more likely that you tend to sit in all kinds of postures before the end of the day. Though the positions might make you feel more comfortable, some of them are not right for your body. They can lead to health problems, some of which might manifest in later stages of life.

Here are the dangers of poor posture that you should know before they cause permanent damage.

Impaired Lung Function and Limited Blood Circulation

Poor posture has a direct impact on the amount of air that your lungs take in and out. Leaning forward towards your computer prevents the rib cage and diaphragm from expanding fully.

As a result, the lungs are pressed inwards, which impair their function by limiting the air they can accommodate. Thus, the amount of oxygen available for supply to the rest of the body by the blood reduces significantly.

Poor posture also restricts the flow of blood to other body parts, such as the pelvis and the legs. Limiting the flow of blood impairs the function of tissues and muscles since they are dependent on the constant supply of oxygen. This makes it difficult for body organs to get rid of waste.

The restricted flow of blood can also lead to the tightening and even blockage of blood vessels. This can add pressure to the heart, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Pain on the Spine, Neck, and Shoulders

Bad posture puts too much pressure on the spine, neck, and shoulders since weight is not distributed evenly throughout your body. This results in severe pain, which can make it difficult to perform even the simplest of tasks.

Getting used to poor posture can affect the alignment of the spine. The changes can harm other nerves located nearby, leading to pain in other parts of the body.

You can avoid pain in the spine, neck, and shoulder by using a seat cushion for office chair. It will make it easier to sit in the right posture, thereby distributing pressure across the whole body.

Digestive Problems

Poor sitting posture compresses the intestines, which is usually the case when you work while leaning forward. This is a problem because it slows or inhibits digestion. Since the digestive system is unable to process food properly, it becomes difficult for the body to benefit from nutrients.

Pressure on the digestive tract due to poor posture has also been linked to heartburn and issues with bowel movement.

In conclusion, bad posture is detrimental to your health. It impairs lung function, affects the circulation of blood, and causes pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. Poor positions also compress the intestines making it difficult to digest food. Therefore, you should avoid bad postures at all costs. A seat cushion for office chair is one of the resources that will help you observe the right positions when working.


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