Encrypted Chats: What messenger to use for privacy?

Today, messengers rightfully occupy a worthy place among the most used tools for everyday and business communication. Each person decides which messenger to use for this purpose.

In addition to convenience and functionality, it should provide a high guarantee of the safety of all transmitted and received data. Also, it should have a secret chat function that will surely provide users with 100 percent confidence that their interlocutor will not use the received information against them.

Do you want to know which messengers have an encrypted chats function and can protect all your data inside the network? Read our review, where we have collected reliable variants for you!

Encrypted chats: Safety chatting measure!


Utopia is a new generation ecosystem that is able to provide each user with high functionality, as well as guarantees of anonymity of use and protection of data from third parties. For this, it uses complex encryption based on the use of a high-speed Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.

Utopia is a decentralized system that does not use a single server for user data. Thanks to peer-to-peer architecture, the ecosystem has abandoned the old storage methods and creates a separate server for each user. This method allows securely storing data and reducing the risk of information leakage to zero.

Utopia is a built-in uMessenger that encrypts every message, both voice and text. It has the function of creating secret chats and channels for communication.

Also, you can use the uMail file sharing service to exchange confidential information. Access to files will be securely protected and no one else, except the sender and recipient, will be able to find out the transmitted data.

For anonymous surfing on the Internet, there is an Idyll Browser that does not track the movement of clients within the network.

All financial transactions are provided by uWallet – an integrated electronic wallet that stores the cryptocurrency of the ecosystem – cryptons.


The Protocol, source code and API in Telegram are open. Encryption methods are used to ensure secure user communications.

Here you can start both common and secret chats. In common chats, the messenger uses server-client encryption method. In secret chats, Telegram provides the full end-to-end encryption.

In the secret chats, there is the function of setting the time when the app deletes sent messages. Each user can choose the appropriate time, set it and Telegram automatically deletes it from the both sides.


Signal is a private messenger with advanced end-to-end encryption methods. It protects all data and is easy to use. Also, it is an open-source program. Thus, cybersecurity experts are free to check the application code for any flaws.

Here, each client can send and receive text messages, make voice calls, transfer media files and add stickers to the messages. Each action is encrypted.


Silence uses Axolotl encryption protection to provide end-to-end encryption of not only messages but also phone numbers and user accounts.

It is important to note that Silence can send encrypted data even if the app is not installed on the recipient’s smartphone. In this case, it is converted to a regular SMS.


Hangouts is a Google app for calling and messaging. There is a function for archiving information; all photos from chats are uploaded to online albums. All correspondence is stored on servers. A person can get access to it from any device.

The service is used for confidential correspondence, exchange of information and files, organization of corporate communication and video conversations. The program shows whether your message has been read.

There is synchronization with Google+ and Gmail. You can add Google Voice, Emoji emoticons, stickers and animations, pictures and geolocation position.

Above all, the messenger allows creating encrypted chats here and protect each message.

It’s time to decide and start using reliable messengers now! Protect yourself and your data in seconds using a secure Internet assistant.


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