Fastpokemap is an application used for tracking the Pokemon in your location. Fastpokemap tracker can be used on any devices such as laptop, android, iOS devices and blackberry or any mobile with the active internet connection and web browser. While installing the application it will ask for your current location. There were many trackers and scanners that were supporting in tracking the pokemon game players in their community.

This application is a third party pokemon tracker service which was developed by Pokemon GO with an intention to help the Pokemon Go users to find all the hiding Pokeman in the user’s location without allowing them to wander all over the location.

With just one tap on the map, the fastpokemon tracker will scan on the location selected by and reveal the correct location of all the pokemon found within the highlighted radius. With  this simple and unbelievable trick available, you can catch all the Pokemon around your neighborhood.

The interesting fact about the Fastpokemap tracker is that it not only shows the the pokemon position but also shares the other information about the pokemon such as name, how it looks and estimated expiry time 

On the whole the user of FastPokeMap will know where exactly to find a pokemon, which Pokemon you can catch and how long it will stay there. By this the user will be saving the time and effort, by not wasting the time on unwanted wandering around the locality.


How does FastPokeMap work?

As discussed above FastpokeMap is a site which tracks the pokemon nearby your location. On visiting the site of FastpokeMap it will ask for your current location to find nearby Pokemon. Fastpokemap will scan your surrounding location and will suggest the pokemon nearby to your location. It not only suggests the nearby pokemon it will also show the duration till when the pokemon will be available so that you can catch them within expiry time.

The Features of FastPokeMap

Fastpokemap is an application which can be used to track the pokemon, in your surrounding location. This application can be used in all devices such as laptop, android, ios and blackberry with the stable internet connection and web browser.

The features of FastPokeMap is 

  • By scanning the app you can locate nearby Pokemon.
  • The pokemon can be traced within walkable distance.
  • To track the pokemon surrounded near your location, users current location to be shared with fastpokemap.
  • Use a location scanner to track nearby Pokemon at once.
  • It not only traces the location but also shows the expiry time of the pokemon.
  • The current location is needed to trace the pokemon 
  • By using a location scanner you will get to know the latest available pokemon.

How To Use FastPokeMap?

Now we shall discuss how to use FastPokemon to find, track and catch the pokemon monsters without wasting much time. It’s very simple and easy to use a fastpokemap tracker for tracking, it uses real time(GMT) for tracking pokemon. Fastpokemon can be used in any devices such as laptop, Android, iOS device,Blackberry or any other devices with a stable internet connection and a web browser.

Steps to use FastpokeMap in browser

  • Open the web browser on your device and go to fastpokemon tracker website.
  • Once the fastpokemon tracker web page is open you will find two options for navigating a) the user can use the search option to find and navigate the location manually or you can choose the GPS location option for tracking. b) When you select this option it will automatically navigate to your exact location.
  • We shall see how to use the manual option. To see this option we have to tap on the find location button and enter the details of city and country in the search box.
  • Immediately you will be navigated to the searched location.
  • Once the right location is found, tap on the map and drop a location marker. By this the tracker will show a predefined scan radius where a thorough scanning will happen, less than a minute the scanning process will be complete.
  • Once the scanning is complete, you will be notified by color change on the scan button. It will show the number of pokemon monsters found by your scan.
  • The list of pokemon found within a scanned location will be shown by tapping on the right hand corner.
  • Now catch the pokemon monster shown by fastpokemap, by using the pokemon Go app on the phone.
  • You download the Fastpokemap From here.

Alternatives to FastPokeMap. 

We shall discuss the best alternatives for FastPokeMap which is currently working without any issues.


Pokewhere is a radar application for android devices which scans in real time and locates all the pokemon which are around the user. On installing this app on an android device, it will help the user in discovering rare pokemon and catch them irrespective of users location.


Pokehunter is the best alternative for FastPokeMap, it is also an online search scanner which allows the user to find, discover and track pokemon throughout the globe in real time irrespective of the users place.


With this app you can track the pokemon using real time pokemon Go Map. This app gives an option for a paid premium scanner which enables the user to perform the scanning on demand from anywhere in the globe. The data of Pokemon Spawn which is shown on the map is outsourced from other third party apps.


In this app you will receive the notification every time the app discovers a Pokemon around you. It is designed for both Android Phones and tablets, so that the user can personally scan for Pokemon nearby to their location.

As the app works and scans in the background. It makes it possible for the user to catch the Pokemon quickly without wasting the time on rescanning or searching again and again.


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