Top 10 Double H Boot Models for Man

Top 10 Double H Boot Models for Man

Double H Boots are cowboy boots packed with features. It includes everything from the notorious slip-on wear system to round-toe protection. Additionally, there are quality materials like Vibram and quality steel for metatarsal protection.

Yet, it is something you can gather from a simple Google search. The real question is how to pick the right pair of boots for you?

Luckily, you can avoid breaking your head about the purchase. Read a list of the top 10 Double H Boots models for men.


1. Double H Men’s Zenon WP Comp Toe Roper Western Work Boot

Zenon comp toe boots offer both comfort and protection. It utilizes a standard set of protective features such as R Toe and steel-toe protection. Also, it has Oak I.C.E. or the ultra-strong outsole designed to resist abrasion.

This model uses permafresh cushioned insole and removable Gel Cell footbed inset. You feel less strain and stress during work hours. And, you can stand for long hours, which is excellent for a long shift.

The whole boot uses old town folklore leather with leather lining. The boot has a 6-row stitch pattern, and it is USA-manufactured.

You can wear it for worksites, indoor and outside since it is a slip-resistant boot. If you are new to the whole Double H Boot brand, you can’t do wrong with the Zenon model.

2. Double H Men’s Gabriel 11″ Square Toe Western Classic Boot

The Gabriel model is more appropriate for a regular cowboy. Its protective potential lies in the combination of the toe and sole protection.

It fails to utilize any other form of metatarsal protection. However, it still protects your feet in a setting where there are fewer hazards.

The saddle vamp provides another layer of protection. While it can’t replace the metatarsal protection, saddle vamp offers a significant protective coating. Yet, the true quality of the Gabriel model is comfort.

The Gabriel model uses a molded cushion-covered footbed. It makes it comfortable to wear during long stays outside, with a lot of action.

Additionally, the tan & olive leather with leather lining and 8-row stitch pattern make it a compact boot. Overall, it is an excellent boot for a cowboy on the run.

3. Double H Men’s Octavius 13″ Square Toe Western Classic Boot

The Octavius model is a personification of a cowboy boot. While it uses the recognizable cowboy look, it gives you a proper balance between comfort and protection. Yet, the best point of the Octavious is the rugged look.

It has a 2-inch heel with a Merlin Burnt orange shaft. A plastic shank holds the form of the boot, along with leather lining.

Boot ends with a leather outsole with a Fineline heel. Additionally, the Octavius model uses Goodyear Welt construction, making it a compact and tight boot.

The final touch, protection-wise, is the saddle vamp. So, this model is excellent for outdoor work or a workplace with few hazards. But, what it lacks in protection, it compensates in comfort and style.

It is a cowboy boot with a killer style. Rock it that way.

4. Double H Men’s Alvarado 11″ Square Toe Western Classic Boot

The Alvarado model is a classic work boot. While it lacks a regular metatarsal guard, it makes it with several layers of protection. It is a perfect model when you need a heavy-duty boot for an outdoor worksite.

First, it has a wide square toe and a nonmetallic shank that form its shape. But, it is the Valencia Crazy Horse leather that makes it so special. The Crazy Horse is a label for high-quality full-grained leather.

Also, it has a leather lining, a PU cushioned insole, and 3/4 welt construction. Finally, it has a saddle vamp with oil & slips resisting oak rubber outsole. It is a perfect boot to spend hours at work and remain safe.

5. Double H Men’s Clawson 12″ Square Toe Western Classic Boot

The Clawson model is another pair of boots for a heavy-duty job. However, the feature that sets apart the Clawson boot is that it works best for worksites with electrical hazards. The Clawson model can withstand 18,000 volts at 60hz for a whole minute!

This model has a wide square toe with complete vamp protection. It uses a Dodge City Bullhide leather vamp with a leather Goodyear welt construction.

And it has a nonmetallic shaft to help with electrical conductivity.

Slip resistance is Another feature of the Clawson boot. Finally, it uses a full leather lining, completing the boot. Also, it offers superior comfort with a Texon board footbed, aero glide unit bottom, and double tuff PU insert.

6. Double H Men’s Fernandes 12″ Square Toe Western Classic Boot

Fernandes boot is a perfect boot when you want to pair up style with the protection. While it sports a stylish look, it also provides you with protection against electrical hazards and regular punctures.

The style comes from a navy leather shaft and desert snake bull hide vamp. Though the shaft is nonmetallic, Fernandes uses a full vamp, giving it an additional layer of protection. The whole boot is compact to the full leather lining and leather Goodyear welt construction.

Aside from the protection of electrical hazards, the Fernandes is a highly comfortable model. It has a texon board footbed, with a double tuff PU insert and aero glide unit bottom. Overall, it’s a stylish model with enough protection to keep you safe while you sport a supreme look.

7. Double H Men’s Marty 12″ Steel Toe Western Work Boot

Marty is another model for heavy-duty work. The beauty of the Marty model is that it offers a lot of protection. It has several layers of protection, along with steel-toe metatarsal protection. That makes Marty an excellent choice for various worksites and jobs.

The Marty model combines a cognac exotic print leather vamp with a natural synthetic shaft. Also, it utilizes wide square toe protection with a leather lining and a double-stitched leather welt. Finally, the boot completes with an 8-row stitch pattern and oak fine wave outsole.

Another great thing about the Marty model is the superior sense of comfort. This model has a bontex cushioned insole with an infused shank. And, it has a removable frelonic insert. Overall, it is a superior model due to the protection due to the steel cap it has.

8. Double H Men’s Antonio 13″ Comp Toe Western Classic Boot

Antonio is a supreme model when it comes to protection. Among the Double H Men’s boots, the Antonio model offers the most protective features. It has a composite toe metatarsal guard, along with a wide square toe and electrical hazard protection.

As far as the look and functionalities go, the Antonio model uses earthquake rust leather with a soft pig print lining. It uses a 10-row stitch pattern and a rubber midsole. The whole boot connects with a double-stitched welt.

9. Double H Men’s Clifton 11″ Sqr Toe Western Classic Boot

Clifton model is a classic work boot with a cowboy twist. While it lacks metatarsal protection, it gives you compact protection against medium work hazards. You can wear it for any type of outdoor worksite, and jobs such as logging.

The Clifton model uses a bull hide buckskin vamp & foxing, with an Alonso red quarter. The basic protection comes with a wide square toe with a full vamp, and oil & slip resisting oak rubber outsole. The boot ends with a nonmetallic shank and 3/4 welt construction.

For the inner part of the boot, the Clifton model uses an EVA removable insert with a PU cushioned insole. Also, this boot has slip-resistance properties, making it perfect for woods and indoor worksites alike.

10. Double H Men’s Orin 11″ Square Toe Western Classic Boot

The Orin model is the type of boot that offers a fine balance between protection and comfort. This model lacks steel-toe protection but has a thick layer coating making it comfortable and safe.

It uses Valencia crazy horse upper with a wide square toe, and leather lining. Another layer of protection comes from a full vamp, mostly of full-grained leather. The Orin model has a nonmetallic shank, a leather lining, and a 3/4 welt construction. The oil & slip resisting oak rubber outsole gives you extra protection.

The PU cushioned insole along with EVA removable insert provides you with extra comfort. Overall, it’s an excellent boot to wear.

Try Double H Boots

There you go, these are the top picks when it comes to Double H Boots. Make sure to check your worksite requirements and select a pair that works for you.

Check out the metatarsal protection first. But, once you settle that, it becomes a matter of style. Wear your colors, get the best protection for your feet with slip-on cowboy boots.


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