Five unique items that have been 3D printed

Five unique items that have been 3D printed

3D printing Phoenix is changing the world, not just Phoenix obviously. A lot of people are experiencing these developments, even goldsmiths have started using this production process. They namely can use a 3D printer in order to produce their items. 3D printing Nashville can in fact be used to develop a lot of different products. In this article you can find five unique items that have been made by using a 3D printer.



Even a gun has been made with the help of a 3D printer. Of course, this is quite a controversial item to own. However, 3D printing a functional gun is not illegal in the United States. You can own one for self-defense for example. By using 3D printing you can produce semiautomatic, untraceable, and legal handguns. How long this will be the case is impossible to tell.


It might sound crazy but a 3D printing can actually be used to create edible food. To make it even weirder, 3D printed food is very healthy and nutritious. A regular 3D printer of course uses plastic, but this will not be the case if you want to produce food. Instead you may use seeds, beef leaves, spores, et cetera.


Fast fashion is seen as a big problem nowadays. 3D printing may solve this issue. In fact, it is seen as the future of fashion by many designers. 3D printing is not new in this industry, instead clothes have been made with the help of this process for quite some time now. You could even create your own clothes if you own a 3D printer or hire a 3D print service.


3D printers can be used to manufacture products, but these machines are also capable of bioprinting actual functioning organs. On the internet there are even stl files available for a human kidney, liver, and heart. This sounds crazy, but is actually very good news for the medical sector since there is a shortage of donor organs at the moment.

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There is even a self-replicating 3D printer, which has been developed by Adrian Bowyer. It is called RepRap and is an open-source, so others can use it too. It is an artificial machine that can thus self-replicate, which essentially means that the 3D printer can create a 3D printer that is exactly the same. How impressive is that!


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