ICO: A Strategic Way to Generate Crowd Funding by Cryptocurrency

ICO: A Strategic Way to Generate Crowd Funding by Cryptocurrency

The world is moving towards processes wherein funding for a great project will not take decades to roll out. Initial coin offering (ICO) is one such great aspect of crypto projects and is the widely accepted form of crowd sale.

Your search for great tips towards your endeavor gathers weight in this article. You will gain enough insight and be an insider yourself.

We will help you understand great ICO Marketing workarounds. In the end you will appreciate the productivity gain received from this article.

The winning strategy for ICO Marketing:

  • Hiring and making use of an ICO advisor

As per statistics, almost 90% of entrepreneurs who step into the domain of crypto projects are newbies with no prior experience. They may be enterprising but lack the experience to handle the tiresome assignment.

It sometimes becomes a top priority to engage professional services who can guide towards an effective ICO. Such a talent should know your project well, develop efficient plans, work out short and long term goals and time the show well.

There are many agencies that can help you connect with the right advisory executive.


  • Effective community management

Community management is highly necessary for any progressive ICO, you need to get manage the entire community which includes advisors, investors, participants and competitors as well.

You may even find your competitors who get involved in letting you down and try to give a negative shade on your project. As an ICO team, you need to come across these activities successfully in order to accomplish your task.

You also need to focus on investors who try to find even a small mistake to get sign off.

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  • Some campaigns may require translations

Since the concept of ICO and blockchain are widely spread across geographies, your crypto project may work well in some country but get restricted due to language barrier.

For example, China is a great destination for ICOs but large masses of Chinese people only speak the native and may even never become aware of your offering. You may have to hire professional translators who can effectively put across your idea.

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  • Making the best of social media

No matter what how unique your project is and its potential will not be counted that far unless and until you are highly active on social media sites.

Being active on social media sites is mandatory for new startups to keep blowing their presence in the industry and turn the view of potential investors towards their project.

There are several social media platforms through which you can promote your idea and create a high potential network by making great use of it.

Concentrating on all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and also on exclusive platforms like Telegram, Wechat and Bitcointalk is highly recommended.

  • Honestly luring with bounty rewards and campaigns

As highly inspired from the online digital gaming world, bounties operate as an incentive providing reward generation mechanism from company to individuals. When it comes to ICO scene, bounties are a useful parcel of the campaign.

Many ICO based startups are incorporating bounty programs in their ICO marketing events. Here the startups provide rewards to the individuals on successful completion of the allocated tasks like marketing, bug detection and reporting and improvising the entire cycle of ICO event.

The reward will mostly be in the form of crypto tokens or fiat currencies. Bounty campaigns and programs has become an unavoidable part of an ICO event which takes place either during the pre or post campaigns.

Lastly, you must become aware that an ICO campaign is not a one-time activity but an iterative one. Until you stretch yourself from your comfort zone, you may find it difficult to reach your target.

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ICO is a great tool for crowdfunding. Although the complexity and learning curve is steep, once mastered, it turns out to be a great package. To be in the market with cutting edge steps steers your way towards success for your niche in crypto space.

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