Laptop in Satchel

Laptop in Satchel

What does a laptop that fits in a Satchel look like? You’ll think that it must be thin, light and

Portable. You can take it anywhere without pressure.

The HONOR MagicBook Pro is one such laptop. It is of great value and practical portability. Hope this HONOR MagicBook Pro review will give some help to those who want to buy it.

HONOR has extensive experience in the smartphone manufacturing industry. Basing on this, it tucks a 16.1-inch display into a 15.6-inch case. It has strong framing and cascading capabilities. This make it improve the full-manufacturing industry shortcomings: the “four-sided micro-frame” . It has a lauded visual impact.

This thin and light laptop has powerful performance. It uses AMD’s R7 4600H CPU with quad-core and eight threads. The CPU frequency is 2.3GHz-4.0GHz. Its core graphics card is Radeon RX Vega 10.

In addition to this CPU, it comes with 8 GB of DDR4 operating memory. The memory frequency is 2400 MHz. The 512 GB hard disk storage supports HDD storage expansion.

HONOR MagicBook Pro uses aluminum extrusion case. It continues the simple design of the last generation. The shell doesn’t have too many spare elements. It takes a simple and business-reception design.

The A-side uses a frosted aluminum profile design. It has only one logo on the front, simple and clear. A big flash point of the HONOR MagicBook Pro is the 16.1-inch display. The screen uses a narrow bezel design. It has a screen ratio up to 90%.

The C-side of the laptop keyboard is more complex. There are two speaker perforations on the side of the laptop keyboard. On the front side, it integrates the dual, speaker, power on/off and fingerprint identification keys into one.

The power on/off and fingerprint identification key are the one. The key is of a gray and black design. The laptop places this key on the front dual speaker punch.

There is an additional function key between F6 and F7. Press it, and the camera will pop up. This design raises the screen ratio of the front display.

The laptop keyboard is with white LED backlight. The function key feedback is unique and useful for thin and light laptops.

The C-side of the MagicBook Pro has a laptop keyboard with a logical layout. It has wide keycaps and proper key travels. This makes the laptop keyboard comfortable to use.

The camera hides between F6 and F7 on the keyboard. It improves the screen ratio. At

The same time, it brings enhanced privacy protection to customers. Press to eject when using the camera. Then, press again to retract.

The MagicBook Pro’s built-in speakers are on the two sides of the keyboard. The larger speakers provide users with more stereo and excellent sound.

The power on key hides in the right speaker. It integrates fingerprint recognition. With fingerprint recognition, users can back to the desktop by pressing the lock key. This brings secure, convenient and easy use.

The Honor MagicBook Pro is a professional laptop. So, endurance is important. It comes with a 56 Wh high-capacity lithium battery. It uses PD fast charging according to the Type-C port. The maximum battery charging output is 65 W.

You can put this 16.1-inch laptop in a satchel. It has excellent portable feature.

Hope this can help people who want to buy a laptop.


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