Now That’s Worth Smiling About: Surprisingly Good Foods for Your Teeth

Now That’s Worth Smiling About: Surprisingly Good Foods for Your Teeth

Most of us are already aware that many sweet and tasty substances aren’t great for your teeth – unfortunately. From candy to soda to other sugary and acidic snacks, it’s not hard to figure out what we shouldn’t eat regularly. But think about those “foods.” Are they really food? What about healthy sustenance though? We asked Dr. Dental, the leading New England-area dental network, for their take on some foods that are good for teeth health. The list may surprise you. (Hint: if you like some common dairy products, you’re in luck.) Here’s what the oral healthcare experts at Dr. Dental said about food that’s worth smiling about!

With cases of tooth decay higher than ever in the U.S., avoiding certain types of foods is more important than ever. Identifying the main culprits (sweets, sugary snacks, soda, etc.) isn’t hard to do; most of us have been told to indulge in these “foods” in moderation.

But what about the foods that promote healthy teeth and gums? With the focus always on what not to eat, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight some healthy food (not sugar-loaded treats) that are surprisingly good for your smile! visit, Bella vista dental.

Here are different foods worth smiling about:

  • Carrots: Add some orange to your diet, not sugary orange juice, but this tasty root vegetable instead. Packed with fiber and vitamin A (which are both important for oral health), carrots are ideal as a pre- or post-meal snack. Raw carrots promote saliva production in the mouth, which helps wash away bacteria and other harmful substances.
  • Celery: OK, we get it…celery isn’t exactly the tastiest food. Yet it’s the ultimate “nature’s flossing tool” thanks to its stringy texture that helps clean those tight spaces between your teeth. What’s more, celery is packed with mouth-friendly antioxidants. Give your smile a boost and incorporate celery into your diet today. Try it topped with peanut butter, cream cheese, hummus, and more.
  • Green veggies – especially leafy greens: The famous cartoon character Popeye is known for his prodigious strength and bulging forearms due to his steady spinach consumption. But the crusty ex-sailor probably has a good set of teeth, too! Thanks to its fiber content and plenty of vitamins and minerals, spinach and leafy greens (collard greens, kale, iceberg lettuce, etc.) naturally boost saliva production and help clean bacteria from the mouth. Be like Popeye and eat some spinach today.
  • Almonds: When you think of calcium, milk automatically comes to mind. Yet almonds hold their own in the calcium department. Like milk, they’re low in natural sugar and high in protein and are naturally satisfying, which limits overeating.
  • Tea: With all these foods listed, how about a beverage to wash everything down? Try some tea. Tea is loaded with bacteria-battling compounds called polyphenols, which can help reduce your chance of tooth decay and gum disease. Regular black tea has also been shown to limit plaque buildup, too. Take some time for tea – just watch out for sugary iced tea and go with unsweetened (or minimal sugar) in your drink.
  • Cheese: Maybe there’s a reason we’re told to “say cheese!” when smiling for a picture. A recent study showed that adolescents who ate cheddar cheese had reduced acid levels in their mouths compared to other youths who ate other dairy products (yogurt, milk, etc.). So, grab a piece of cheese every now and then – this dairy product is a definite smile booster!

Along with these foods and beverages, here’s another thing you can do for optimal teeth and gum health: visit your dentist regularly. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Dental today, and we’ll get your smile back on track!

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