Why Did Online Fantasy Sports Grew Exponentially In India?

Why Did Online Fantasy Sports Grew Exponentially In India?

Online games have become popular in India. The popularity of fantasy sports has grown because there are sports fans in India who enjoy playing these games virtually. It gives them real-time experience in playing the sport using real-time players. Today advanced technology is used to create games that give it a real-time feel. They also let you make easy money for playing games.

Types of fantasy sports

There are primarily three types of fantasy sports. You can choose from e-sports, real money games, and mobile-centric games. Apps that let you make money playing sports come under the category of real-money games. The number of users for playing fantasy games is increasing every day as they are built with realistic visuals and give away cash and prizes.

Format is legalized

Betting on fantasy sports is not considered illegal as it is a virtual sport played for small cash. The format of this game has gained popularity as it is available with various matches and games. The fantasy sports website is also partnering with major sports leagues to build apps and games.

More investors

The number of investors for building these games and apps are also increased. This is shaping the gaming industry as these apps are now more popular and their formats are exponentially growing. This is the reason the landscape of the gaming industry has changed considerably. This is now one of the most promising sectors for investments.

Trusted apps

These apps are trusted by users for winning prices, cash, and rewards and thus have become very popular. Many people use daily fantasy cricket for enjoying playing the sport on their mobiles. This is a leisure sport that users can play on their mobiles and boost their skills and strategy.

Increased smartphone use

Smartphones are no more a luxury and a common use can buy them easily. These apps are easily installed on smartphones. People in small cities and towns have access to smartphones which makes the use of this app popular.

Mobile data is cheap

Internet is free on a few sims and mobile data is available at a cheaper rate that enables maximum users to use these apps to play games online. The availability of mobile data has increased the use of this app amongst users. It is easy to play matches and stream live cricket on the phone because of this facility.

Easy online transactions

You can make online transactions on the phone. It is easy to withdraw money using the money apps and make payments on the phone which have grown the popularity of these games online.


You can choose from the best fantasy cricket app available online. It is easy to find and install fantasy games for any O.S for mobile. Many companies are creating cricket fantasy games. The fantasy games in cricket are the future of gaming because of digital advancement and ease of use in technology. These are the reasons why fantasy sports have grown quickly in India.


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