Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia?

Is Online Gambling Legal in Australia?

What Is Online Gambling?

In recent years, online gambling has become a matter of discussion. But what actually is online gambling? It is any type of betting that requires using a computer or smartphone with an internet connection. A mobile application or website may be used for this betting.

Online gambling is legal in most countries. With millions of gamblers, it is a fast-growing industry. It is safe, provided that you choose a good betting provider. There are many companies that respect your privacy and allow you to play games safely.

Is online gambling legal in Australia?

Australia addressed the legality of the matter about two decades ago—back in 2001. Now, web-based lottery, sports betting, and betting on auto racing are completely legal in the country.

The country prohibits all other types of cheating. That is why in Australia, you can not play web-based casino games such as Craps, poker and roulette. But the law has a twist and it allows you to enjoy these games.

How online casinos are regulated in Australia

In Australia, betting policy has always been the concern of the states and not the Commonwealth. These operations have been regulated and taken care of by the state and territory governments.

In recent years, service providers have adopted new communications technologies. Regulating this sector is a part of the Commonwealth’s constitutional responsibilities. The development of web-based betting has to some extent influenced certain regulatory mechanisms.

The Interactive Gambling Act now regulates gambling operations. The Australian Commonwealth Parliament passed the Interactive Gambling Act in June 2001. Totalisator Agency Board, a special authority, regulates sports betting operations.

Web-based casinos can not assess and use gaming services in the country. But these companies can offer their services to players who are not located in the territory. But players living in “designated countries” can not participate in these interactive games. Every operator has to abide by the Interactive Gaming Act.

So, what is the goal of the IGA? It basically wants to protect Australian citizens from the harmful effects of web-based casinos.

But the bill does not state that local citizens can not play internet casino games. In a word, the IGA does not make online betting illegal within the country.

What else you need to know about web-based gambling in Australia

Australian players are accepted by many web-based casinos. Numerous gaming websites accept Australian dollars.

An offshore online casino can offer services to the citizens of Australia. The citizens can also take part in onshore interactive venues. If you are an Australian citizen, you must bear in mind that it is a bit hard to find Aussie casinos, and there are some legal issues involved.

A great variety of games are offered by the sites that operate in the country. These games include craps, roulette, blackjack, pai gow, casino war and baccarat.

In this country, slot machines are popularly known as pokies. Real money pokies are currently regulated by special laws. Territory governments enforce these laws. Among Australian casino players, poker is very popular. However, operating an interactive poker site in the country is out of the law.

Bingo, another form of popular web-based betting, is legal in this country. But Australian Bingo is a bit different from American Bingo.


We have tried to discuss various aspects of web-based betting in Australia. If you find joy in playing casino games, make sure you know exactly what you are getting into. Learn as much as possible about the site and make an informed decision.

Before you sign up, knowing the legal aspects is a must. If you are a bit inquisitive, hopefully, you will find a secure and trustworthy operator.


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