Roti And Various Dishes You Can Make With It

Roti And Various Dishes You Can Make With It

Roti is in the form of flatbread which is native in the Indian sub-continent. The primary ingredient of Roti is the traditional ground wholemeal flour. The other term for the ground meal flour is atta. In general, atta is used for making Roti by mixing it with water and making the dough. Roti is a staple food in India and is thus widely consumed by people all over the country. The primary characteristic of the Roti is that it is unleavened and quite different than Naan or kulcha. The Naan is made in the same way except that it is accompanied by yeast during preparation. This leaves the bread soft and leavened. Roti is considered to be a perfect accompaniment with other foods.

Method Of Making Roti

You can easily create an excellent preparation of Roti quite easily with roti maker like the Rotimatic roti maker. This removes the whole aspect of manual work except the mixing of the dough. The aspect of the dough is quite essential regarding the kind of flour you are using along with the quantity of the flour. Here is a menu to serve a portion of 12 rotis –

  1. At first use at least 2 cups of wheat flour of any brand.
  2. Then put around ¼ tsp of salt in the mixture
  3. ¼ cup of whole milk
  4. Pour about ¾ cups of water.

Take all of the ingredients and properly mix them in a bowl. The texture of the dough should be loose as well as sticky. Then put the dough for resting for some time. Next heat the Roti maker after taking it out and arranging it. After applying a little bit of water, start making patties from the dough. After waiting for some time, take out the Roti when it starts bulging out. Check these reviews on Rotimatic if you are planning to buy a roti maker for your kitchen. It will clear all your doubts about a roti maker

Various Dishes

There are several dishes you can make using roti makers like the Rotimatic. The Roti or chappati is widely available everywhere. Although the chappatis can be more than just how we eat. There are several dishes which you can prepare using the chappati.

Some of the dishes you can make with the help of chappati:

  1. Chapatti chips – The chapatti chips are one of a kind and are delicious as a snack dish, especially along with a dip. Nothing tastes better than this. This is a great way to start your evening or just during a movie having snack time. You have to make the Roti first in the traditional way. Segregate the items as per the required quantity and then use them to make the Roti. Make sure to make. After that rub olive oil on both the sides of the Roti and bake it till it is crisp. Before baking rub spices on the Roti properly.
  2. Quesadillas – This is another popular dish. A great snack dish, especially when you want to try something international, not local. You can make a very cheesy dish with the chapattis you have. First, you have to make the chapatti. In the same way, segregate the ingredients and make the dough properly. You have to make the chapatti soft and fluffy to make a good quesadilla.
  3. On the other hand, the next most crucial aspect of the dish is filling. Now traditionally cheese is used as a filling for the quesadillas. You can also put some other fillings in the quesadillas as per your liking and preference.
  4. Chapatti noodles – You have tried so many noodles till now. There are so many kinds of noodles out there. Moreover, noodles are one of our most favourite foods. You can try even another variety of noodle, but this is a little bit different. Here the noodles are made of chapatti. It is very easy to make recipe along with a lot of vegetables. You can cut up carrots, beans onions and mix them in a sauce like a soya sauce. Then mix the ingredients with masala and salt to taste. At last, add the chapattis and serve the food hot.
  5. Roti Cutlet – We all love cutlets. The idea of a cutlet as an evening lunch along with ketchup on the side is lucrative itself on its own. Although maybe you have never tried the roti cutlet. It is as unique as it sounds. To make the roti cutlet at first, you have to make rotis. Use a roti maker to make the rotis quickly. Then ground the rotis into a grainy mixture. Use finely chopped veggies so that they easily bind together. Then put them in a pan and fry them. You can serve it with a side of dip or ketchup.
  6. Chapatti Lasagna – Who doesn’t like lasagna? If you have tasted lasagna, you will automatically know how good it is. Usually, the lasagna dish is prepared with noodles. Alternatively, in chapatti lasagna, you can use chapattis instead of noodles. The rest of the ingredients can remain the same. You can use the chapatti as per you like. You can also prepare the lasagna based on the old recipe only, but without using the noodles, you can use chapatti instead.

Roti is widely used as a staple food. It is usually accompanied by a side dish in the Indian kitchen. This is the traditional way to eat Roti. The Roti is the leading carb provider in the dish. Although you can switch up the classic menus and make something new and trendy for yourself, you can use your creativity to create something special from the fresh or the leftover chapattis at your house. Anything can be put in between the rotis to make something delicious. This is a very convenient way to make fast, nutritious food. You can put some eggs or some veggies like cucumber. Or like one of the previous menus, you can consume the Roti in the form of noodles. You can use this food just the way you like or prefer.


Roti is a very widely used food which can be used for making many new foods. Although it takes some effort to make Roti, you can easily make it with a roti maker.


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