Satellite TV in 2022 – A Short Guide to Wireless Entertainment

Satellite TV in 2022 – A Short Guide to Wireless Entertainment

Satellite television has been an essential part of US households in remote, rural areas. Whether it is Montana, Wyoming, the Dakotas, or Oklahoma it would be appropriate to say that many American homes would have been incomplete without a satellite TV connection. Even in the modern age when cable connections are becoming the new norm, satellite TV connections continue to thrive.

It certainly has traveled a long way down the road of development, starting in the late 1940s in Arkansas, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. Even so, it was not before the 1960s that satellite TV connections started spreading far and wide throughout the nation. By the early 1970s, satellite TV connections were a thing of wonder, the new fad, talk of every town. Even in the bigger metropolitan areas of America, the idea of satellite TV spread like wildfire. Everyone wanted to be part of the family.

Have you just bought a new home in a cute remote town? Or are you just looking for a good TV option? Well, we have got you covered! Satellite TV connections are a trustworthy source of entertainment and ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your favorite shows. But since the market is big and competitive, it can be a little daunting to choose a provider. In this article, we have discussed the basics of the TV service and some of the best satellite TV providers in the US. We hope you find it both enlightening and entertaining!

What Is a Satellite Television Service?

Satellite TV is a rather popular substitute for conventional TV services, especially among rural households. The mechanism is simple. A satellite television provider sends signals to satellites orbiting the earth, that then reflect the incoming signals to homes. The video feed is received via small dishes attached on rooftops or anything high up.

The signal then travels through a coaxial cable within the house until it reaches the television set. Hence, this technology is sometimes also referred to as satellite cable TV, although satellite TV is inherently different from cable.

Satellite TV receivers are able to translate received signals into an image or video, quite like an internet modem works. This unique piece of technology can work anywhere and so, allows satellite TV providers to offer television services almost everywhere in the country. Hence, Satellite TV providers, such as DIRECTV and DISH, offer service in all US states with complete ease.

Satellite TV is always a wonderful option and you get a lot of value for whatever plan you choose. Whether you want a simple TV package with regular channels or one loaded with premium channels, you can find something that meets your needs.

And, if the channel variety was not enough, satellite TV delivers HD quality transmission with clear sound systems and innovative DVR technology that helps you record and save stuff.

What Are the Benefits of Satellite TV?

Satellite TV services come with a lot of advantages. Of course, there are downsides to it too, but it is balanced by all the benefits satellite TV has to offer. These benefits include:

  1. A larger channel lineup: Since satellite TV works on signals transmitted over satellites, the channel options are insane. You can get hundreds of channels at low costs and plenty of stuff to watch. You get more options than you would typically get with a cable TV connection. You might even find some rare channels.
  2. HD picture quality and clear sound: Since the signal transmission is so direct with satellite TV, the quality is better too. Both the picture and sound quality are crystal clear with satellite TV which is difficult to find with cable TV networks.
  3. Easy accessibility, anywhere, anytime: The biggest advantage of satellite TV is easy accessibility in all regions, across the US. Whether you are in the rural areas, the suburbs, or the bustling hot city, you have ready access to satellite television. Satellite TV can reach where cable TV cannot, and hence it makes it the top favorite in far-off areas.
  4. Affordability is the unofficial motto: Satellite TV has fewer costs when it comes to set up and the standard packages are more affordable in comparison to conventional cable TV. Plus most satellite TV providers can give you the setup equipment free of charge so you save money on that front too.


What Are the Best Satellite TV Providers in the US?

Unfortunately ever since cable TV and the much newer digital TV has taken the reins of home entertainment, things have been changing. There are not as many satellite TV providers as there used to be initially. DIRECTV and DISH Network are essentially the two main satellite TV providers that you will find within the US borders. Both of them have slightly different services as they compete in a difficult market to stand out to the consumers.

DIRECTV and Pricing Plans

DIRECTV was launched in 1994 and has since vowed to bring the best of TV entertainment to your doorstep. It has live channels, the choicest sports channels, and on-demand streaming services available too. For higher plans, you can even get premium channels with your package.

DIRECTV Plan Channels Pricing
Entertainment 160+ $74.99/month
Choice 185+ $79.99/month
Ultimate 250+ $99.99/month
Premier 330+ $149.99/month

DIRECTV plans come with a contract of 2 years which may be a downside under some conditions.

DISH Network and Pricing Plans

DISH Network has been one of the pioneers of the satellite TV industry. It offers all services including satellite internet and mobile phones. DISH network too allows its users top-notch entertainment with the best available channels. Pricing plans are given as follows.

DISH Network Plan Channels Pricing
America’s Top 120 190 $69.99/month
America’s Top 120 Plus 190+ $84.99/month
America’s Top 200 240+ $94.99/month
America’s Top 250 290+ $104.99/month

All these prices are introductory prices that help customers save between 10-20 USD with autopay. The prices stay constant for 2 years and early termination fees apply.


Satellite TV may appear to be a pricier option when compared with cable TV, but the truth is quite opposite. With satellite TV providers like DISH and DIRECTV, the two-year contract and promo prices that stay constant, you end up saving more money in the long run. Satellite TV is not half bad, with its great picture quality and rural availability a feat that already sets it apart in a fierce market. The channel lineup is intense too, with DIRECTV offering NFL Sunday Ticket and so much more premium content on the line.

With DISH you do get Alexa compatibility not to mention you can also hook up your Netflix so you are always good to go. You get DVR with both the providers so you can always record your favorite shows. A big plus for satellite TV is that the providers usually give you the setup equipment free of cost worth a couple of hundred dollars. This way you only have to pay for the installation rather than everything that would burn a large hole in your pocket.

If you do decide to go with satellite TV in search of premium quality entertainment, we stand by you!


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