Six reasons why you need eye refractive surgery

Six reasons why you need eye refractive surgery

The goal of eye refractive surgery, otherwise known as refractive surgery, is to reduce or completely eliminate the need for contact lenses or glasses. Individuals who suffer from vision issues, such as farsightedness or nearsightedness, commonly opt for this elective surgery. However, if you suffer from cataracts, you can also take advantage of this life-changing surgery. To learn more about this procedure, you can do an online search for “cataract surgery Brisbane” to find a professional near you.

That said, while the main goal of this surgery is to improve eyesight, you can enjoy a variety of advantages beyond the immediate benefit of significantly improved vision.

1. Help with allergy symptoms

If you have allergies, you most likely have noticed an increase in itchy eyes during allergy season. This increased itchiness is usually due to the fact that wearing contacts require you to touch your eyes each day, often repeatedly, as you put in or remove your contacts. Additionally, if a contact slips out of place, you have to touch your eye to ensure it is put back into its proper location.

Unfortunately, the more you are required to touch your eyes, the more opportunities there are for allergens that might be on your fingers to accidentally make their way onto your eyes, getting trapped under your contact lenses. Refractive surgery can eliminate the need for contacts, which means you do not need to touch your eyes. This, in turn, decreases the likelihood that allergens will invade your eyes and cause severe itching.

2. The athlete in you

Anyone participating in a contact sport knows the dangers that wearing contacts or glasses can pose. For instance, an impact can result in your contact lenses being knocked from your eyes. As annoying as searching for a lost contact can be, wearing glasses can result in serious injury. In fact, a collision with an opponent can result in a shard of glass ending up lodged in your eye, permanently damaging your vision.

However, contact sports are not the only threat to your comfort if you wear glasses or contacts. In fact, anyone leading an active lifestyle knows how annoying wearing glasses can be when participating in such activities as yoga or running.

Undergoing refractive surgery will allow you to forego the dangers of wearing glasses. Additionally, you can avoid the inevitability of sweat dripping onto your lenses, which can burn.

3. Accidentally falling asleep

Falling asleep wearing your contacts or glasses is quite common. However, even though it is common, it does not mean it is a good idea. For instance, falling asleep with your glasses on can lead to your glasses falling onto the floor and breaking, resulting in an expensive and unplanned bill.

Sleeping with your contacts is also not recommended. For instance, the lubrication needed when wearing contacts decreases overnight. If this occurs too often, you can end up damaging your eyes. Surgery to correct your vision allows you to safely drift off to sleep.

4. Save your money

Of course, refractive surgery can cost a bit upfront. However, with this corrective procedure, you will no longer need to keep up with the changes in your vision as you age. For instance, as you age, your eyesight will likely continue to deteriorate, requiring you to make trips to the optometrist as well as update your prescription and purchase new lenses.

Additionally, if you wear contacts, you will always need to purchase contact solution and lenses. However, you can eliminate these repeating costs from your budget with refractive surgery.

5. Makes your life easier

If you wear contacts, you know the hassle of having to put your contacts in each day and the incredible inconvenience of running out of contact solution. Of course, wearing glasses brings with it its own inconveniences. For instance, continually having to clean the lenses gets old rather quickly. Fortunately, refractive surgery instantly removes these hassles from your daily life.

6. No more style issues

While it is true that there are a lot of nice-looking frames available, it is also true that it can be particularly difficult to find frames that suit your face as well as your personal style. Additionally, as fashions tend to change from year to year, it is not hard to imagine that the frames you spent so much time choosing are suddenly out of style. Eliminating the need to keep up with the trends and avoiding the stress of finding the right pair of frames for your face are both great reasons to opt for refractive surgery.


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