Start A Youtube Channel And Get Into The Youtube Partner Program For Extra Benefits!

Start A Youtube Channel And Get Into The Youtube Partner Program For Extra Benefits!

Many video creators have turned a hobby into a lucrative career with The YouTube Partner Program (YPP). If you don’t have a YouTube channel yet, maybe it’s time to start one and monetize it. As soon as you build a large enough following, you earn shared revenue from advertisements that run on your videos. Simply put, the more views your channel gets, the more you can earn. But not every YouTube channel is eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program.

Monetize your Youtube videos by enrolling in the Youtube Partner Program

So What Is YPP?

The YouTube Partner Program allows YouTube channels to make money from their videos if they qualify. Look at popular YouTube channels; they all have advertisements running with the content. These could be pre-roll commercials before the video, a banner with a backlink at the bottom of the video or square ad above different suggested videos.

If you’re accepted into the YPP, you can select the types of ads you want to run on your channel and the videos you want to monetize. YouTube is owned by Google and YouTube partners make money through Google advertising program, Google Adsense. If a viewer clicks on an ad displayed on your video page, you earn a small amount of money. It will be a few cents in the beginning, which will go on to a few dollars if you keep on attracting viewers to your channel.

Eligibility Criteria

YouTube’s standards for videos shown on its platform has become stricter amid concerns over ads appearing in inappropriate videos. The foremost requirement to join the YouTube Partner Program is evidence that you have created the videos, have all the rights to them and that your videos have substantially grown in popularity.

There are only three qualifying criteria to be accepted into the program, but they will disqualify most new channels at the outset. You should apply to the YPP only if your channel meets the following requirements:

Ø The YouTube Partner Program is available in your country

Ø Your channel has clocked 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months

Ø Your channel has 1,000 subscribers

Benefits of YPP

There are many advantages to becoming a YouTube Partner. You have access to all of YouTube’s tools and resources to enable you to create quality content and promote it to attract a wider audience, which increases revenue manifold. You can also grow your subscribers by networking with other partners. You can advertise your videos on other partner’s channels and vice versa.

YouTube gives its program partners a lot of additional exposure. Your YouTube videos are automatically syndicated to YouTube partner websites. Since the YPP come with a non-exclusive agreement, you can also upload your videos across other networks with additional monetization potential. YouTube lets your channel reach a worldwide audience by promoting your videos not only on YouTube but on the other websites as well. As a YouTube Partner, you retain copyright and distribution rights to your unique videos, in contrast to non-YPP channels which are managed by YouTube as they deem fit.

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Making Money With YouTube

The YouTube Partner Program is a great way of building a substantial income. One way is monetizing your channel whenever users click on the ads on your channel. But for that, you have to reach 4,000 hours of viewership in one year and a 1,000 strong subscriber base to join YPP. However, advertisers are well-aware of the sales potential of YouTube channels. Once you’ve established a substantial viewership, businesses may approach you to promote their products in return for money. However, only promote products that relate to your niche and appeal to your audience. This will keep them engaged.

Another good idea is to run an eStore through your YouTube channel and sell products related to the subject of your channel. Businesses are always eager to leverage other sales outlets, especially platforms like YouTube. YouTube can be a boon to those who are into eCommerce. If you’re one of them, you can promote your eStore and sell your products from your YouTube Channel. If you don’t have an eCommerce store yet, you can easily build one with Shopify. As the leading eCommerce website builder and service provider, Shopify can also help you sell the products, which you promote through your videos and sell on your website.

Link Cards

Once your channel is part of the YouTube Partner Program, you can link the cards directly to your Shopify eCommerce platform. You can send your viewers directly to your eStore where they can buy products featured in your videos.


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