Things to Do During the Trip to Pattaya With Kids and Family

Things to Do During the Trip to Pattaya With Kids and Family

There are several cities in Thailand that is frequented by tourists from all over the world. One such popular destination is Pattaya, which is known to attract travellers of all ages and types to its shores. There are tonnes on offer targeting family, kids and solo travellers, be it men or women. Also, the best hotels In Pattaya is neat & clean, hygienic and well maintained.

  • Sanctuary of Truth: It is among the city’s prominent attractions and every inch of this well-kept heritage structure is constructed from wood and is of 350 ft. in height, towering majestically over the city. Besides its intrinsic architecture, the location is also amazing being on the beach edge, offering oceanic views, where you can enjoy tranquil moments and capture picturesque views on your camera.
  • Big Buddha: It is located atop a mountain and among the popular attractions of the city. The golden seated Buddha statue overlooks Jomtien beach and exudes spiritual and peaceful calm with burning incense and large bells. From the top, you are sure to enjoy the breath-taking view of the surroundings and the beach. Locals & tourists come here to meditate or to pray for their family’s wellbeing.
  • Coral Island: This is located close to the city and requires you to avail a speedboat ride. Here, you can indulge in snorkelling and exciting watersports. Corals present off the shore allowing you to explore its beauty. To derive adrenalin pumping action, you can walk on the beach, feed fishes or parasail. There are 7 beaches on this island, which means plenty of excitement.
  • Art in Paradise: If you love visiting museums, then it is among those quirky looking art museums to be visited during the trip. Here, you can participate in the artwork, being part of it! This interactive gallery boasts of having 3D wall paintings of exquisite shading in hundreds appearing like about to pop out at any point of time. You can click some of the memorable and goofy pictures here and be creative.
  • Koh Samet: If you are looking to indulge in something less tiring activity, then this is the place to be. White sparkling sand, crystal clear water and luxury stays in huge numbers have managed to make this place a much-frequented weekend getaway. Also, you can hire a bike and check out the beaches, viewpoints and island or simply get into the waters or simply relax at one of the massage parlours lined along the beach side. If hungry, try some delicious local seafood at the beach with a beer bottle in hand to quench your thirst. A popular speciality here is the Banana Roti.
  • Ripley’s ‘Believe or Not’: Here at Ripley’s museum, your kids and other family members are sure to get completely excited. It exhibits about 10 galleries displaying 300+ weird items. There are also variety of strange things such as a mask created from human skin, shrunken human head, old torture devices, 4 eyed man wax figure and much more! You also get to click selfies or photos of wax figures created at the wax museum of Louis Tussaud belonging to famous personalities. 12D moving theatre experience is an absolute must, where you are introduced to 3D visuals along with experiencing vibrations, turns and moves.
  • Jomtien & Pattaya Beach: One of the popular and crowded beaches of the city is Pattaya Beach. Travellers can be found splashing in their designated swimming zones or lounging and relaxing on sundecks. You can have picnic at the beach at night with a bonfire in the middle. On the other hand, if you desire some quiet beach and less crowd to relax, then Jomtien beach is the one to select.
  • Pattaya Viewpoint: It is best visited during evenings at sunset time and city lights coming on. During the day, you can enjoy the breath-taking views of the bay.
  • Underwater World: This place allows you to have a closer and better look at the creatures that generally live under the sea. The facility has several sections, with each oaring exciting experience. The touch pool offers you the opportunity to feel various types of marine animals and fishes. At Ocean-Sea Zone, you can get to view giants such as eagle rays, nurse sharks and black tipped reef sharks. There is also an entire section that is dedicated towards beautiful and colourful looking jelly fishes.
  • Zipline: Thailand’s jungles are quite popular for its denseness. Imagine moving swiftly over the jungle in ‘Jungle Book’ style. There are zip lines that allow you to swing quite high, allowing you to move through the canopies of this rainforest. Hanging sky bridges & rappel descents only add to the excitement. All this can be experienced inside a zoo. You are offered with a complimentary tour!
  • Mini Siam: This gigantic park has several famous monuments’ miniature versions including of landmarks and Thai architecture. You can walk through the park and will feel like moving across the world. Their size is also just perfect to capture them on photos which can be shown to your friends, who will be amazed and feel like you have actually travelled to the different corners of the world. You will get everything here, ranging from Eiffel Tower to Statue of Liberty to Angkor Wat to relics of Rome and Greece!
  • Alcazar Cabaret: It is among the popular cabaret shows run here in Thailand and has a well-deserved legendary status. The show duration is of 70 minutes which is amazing from start to end. This impressive show is put up by the bewitching ladyboys in jazzy costumes. They dance gracefully to the music with boundless energy. There are about 20 individually themed performances having booming sounds and glitzy lighting making the show a great hit among spectators.
  • Siam’s Frost magical ice: If you have seen ‘Frozen’ movie, this place matches it. The marvellous ice sculptures in this true winter land showcase Thai attractions, adventurous ice walks and waterslides.

Overall, with so many places to visit and activities do indulge in, you need to plan your itinerary in advance.


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