Three Ways to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Three Ways to Get Rid of Eye Floaters

Eye floaters are basically spots in one’s vision. They look like an object in front of your eyes but in reality, they are present inside your eyes. They are spots that move along the vision. No matter in which direction you move your eye, they will follow it. They pose no harm but you should definitely see an eye specialist if you see light flashes or experience something abnormal in your eyes. These floaters could be a symptom of a major eye condition. Age, tumors, eye bleeding, and medication are some of the things that trigger floaters in the eye.

In some people, the floaters are so slight that they do not cause any difference in their vision. For others, they might impair the vision and result in being bothersome. At this point, they have to be removed somehow or made less noticeable so that you can see clearly.

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The following are three ways to get rid of eye floaters.


Although it’s not a guarantee that the eye floaters will go permanently, this surgery is very popular among the people who get floaters. In this procedure, the doctors will remove the vitreous from your eye, which is the substance that keeps the shape of the eye and will replace it with a solution. The solution will maintain the shape of the eye until new vitreous will be produced by the body. The new vitreous will then eventually replace the solution. The floaters can still form again, so this surgery isn’t a total win, yet worthy enough for removing the troublesome floaters from your eye for some time.

Laser Therapy

This procedure is very popular among both young and elderly people. Laser therapy is used for many purposes nowadays and one of them is removing eye floaters from the eyes. The laser is used to break apart floaters to minimize their effect. This procedure is widely used but is a bit risky as well. If the laser is not properly aimed at the specific part, it could cause serious damage to your retina. Make sure you have an extremely professional eye specialist around you to carry out this procedure as any negligence can totally make you lose your vision.

Ignoring them completely

At times, the eye floaters fade themselves. They disappear on their own in no time. The brain is an organ that adapts to the conditions around. Same is the case with floaters. Your brain will naturally adapt and learn to ignore them in the best possible way that they don’t prove to be bothersome. You will stop noticing them soon.

It’s always essential to protect your vision. Although caring for your eyes is never enough, you should do everything on your side to create a healthy environment for your eyes. Get your them checked regularly and eat foods, rich in nutrients that are beneficial for your eyes.


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