Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Starting A Reef Tank

Top Tips To Keep In Mind When Starting A Reef Tank

It takes some effort and diligence to keep a marine aquarium. In this post we’re sharing some top tips that you can consider when starting your reef tank.

  • Research – The success of setting up your tank will directly be influenced by the research you do upfront.
  • Fish suppliers – Make sure you deal with a store that are knowledgeable about the fish and aquarium products they supply.
  • Type of fish tank – it’s worth determining which type of tank you want before making a purchase. Do some research beforehand about the types of tanks, the types of fish you’re looking to get, and the upkeep required.
  • Corals – Not all corals are equal, and some necessitate more upkeep while others are more straightforward to keep.
  • Good water quality is essential – No matter which aquarium you’re deciding to keep, the water quality remains a crucial factor in keeping fish healthy.
  • The size of the tank – Be sure to keep corals and the size of the fully grown fish in mind when you’re deciding on the size of the aquarium, you’re planning on buying.
  • Canister filters – Keep in mind that canister filters require a lot of maintenance when utilized as biological filtration.
  • Marine substrate – Frequent marine substrate is a viable substitute for live sand and even better in some instances.
  • Algae prevention – Managing nitrates and phosphate are essential for keeping those nasty algae’s from overtaking your aquarium.
  • New fish – a valuable tip to take at heart is placing new fish under quarantine before introducing them to the rest of the fish.
  • Fish acclimation – New fish must first be acclimated before adding them to your main tank.
  • Maintenance – It’s essential to create a weekly maintenance routine to keep the tank in top form and stick to your routine, no matter what. You can also look into a nano reef tank which is smaller and require less maintenance.
  • Clown fish – Not all clown fish are equal, and some species are more aggressive than others. That’s why research is crucial before buying fish or putting some fish species in the same tank.
  • RO Water – Make sure you’re familiar with the benefits and disadvantages of RO water before deciding on using it.
  • Salt mixes – Before buying a salt mix for your aquarium, first evaluate the quality of what you’re using since it will determine the stability and quality of water levels directly.
  • Avoid cutting corners – It’s best to buy good quality and proper equipment when starting a reef tank since it can save you in the long run.
  • Maintaining calcium, alkalinity and magnesium levels – Maintaining these levels will ensure a healthy and stable marine aquarium and healthy fish.
  • Seeking advice – Always seek advice from reputable and trusted sources. +

Having a reef aquarium in your workspace could actually improve your focus and boost creativity, helping you maximize your productivity. The visual stimulation of an active fish tank may have therapeutic effects as well, giving your mind something else to focus on for a few minutes while you work through an issue. Keeping a reef tank can be a highly rewarding hobby and well worth the expense.


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