Travel Home Decor: How to Take Your Travels Home with You

Travel Home Decor: How to Take Your Travels Home with You

As we travel, we open ourselves to the atmosphere of growth and opportunity. Even if you’re a one-year vacationer or an enthusiastic explorer of the globe, your best travel experiences have to be on display. We are all guilty of collecting souvenirs from the places that we’ve been to. Lying in a twin size bed and looking at the souvenirs reminds us of the lovely memories we have made. And of course, we want to make those memories last longer.

However, when we buy what seems like the perfect souvenir, it ends up being cluttered back home. Either your home decor doesn’t go well with it, or there’s no place to display it. Unless you’re very conscious about your room’s aesthetics, sometimes these souvenirs eventually end up in a storage container. And you know the meaning of that, right? It defeats the purpose of the relic in the first place.

Until you’ve decided where to put your souvenirs, you should be more mindful of what memories you’re buying. First of all, there must be a theme, an intention. Sure, you can easily get overwhelmed in a festival or marketplace. Still, the trick is to create a cohesive collection and then put everything together when you get back.

With that, here are a few ways you can do with your travel mementos to be part of your home:

Layer It with Care

Designers know layering is among the best ways to win a clean and eclectic vibe and tell about your dream destination tale as well. You should always think that layering is such an essential part of your home decor. You should remember that layering is such a necessary part of your home decor. From patterned wallpaper in pink tones to polished artifacts with contrasting textures, layering grounds everything in your home.

You can layer your local finds, such as 12×15 area rugs, furniture, and throw pillows, for an impressive and authentic taste. Although if you worry that everything will clash, you can buy items within the same color palette.


Display Your Foreign Coins

When you get back with a pocket full of coins from your travel, use those coins and turn them into unique magnets. Purchase small magnets from any craft store and stick them to every one of your coins. These coin magnets will make your fridge door eye-catching.

Celebrate the Elements

Of course, you can’t bring the Louvre or the Taj mahal into your home, but incorporate your dream sights into your bedroom for some inspiration. Moreover, you can use textures to imitate your ideal place’s architecture or design.

Perhaps, you can bring home a distressed wooden wine holder to remind you of the Italian countryside barns. Also, an old coffee book can be a good nod to your favorite city’s old buildings. Having these resident home goods into your home will make you reflect back on your previous trip.

Consider Buying Kitchen Items

Well, this might sound a little different, but hear us out first. Rather than buying items such as shot glasses and ashtrays, you can buy locally authentic coffee cups, utensils, and bowls from the place you’re exploring. If you’re planning to visit Thailand, grab a collection of bamboo-made dishes and use them to hold your fruit once you get back.

Are you going to China for a tour? Make sure you bring home a pair of handcrafted chopsticks and use them on your next dinner date. Also, plates make an excellent travel souvenir. You can either use it or put it as a decor – placed on a stand or mounted on a wall.

 When in Doubt, Keep it Simple

Would you like to take an interest in international relations between decors? The good news is that you can combine various influences that can be combined in one room. The secret is to make a simple color scheme. You can stick to a maximum of two to three colors.

Hues like beige, gray, and tan create a blank canvas, though it will not make your home look like a bland museum. And how about furniture? Having natural elements, such as wooden or bamboo furniture, can make your room a foolproof. You can find a few interesting pieces that will surely highlight your bed with king size dimensions.

Frame Your Maps

Local maps are good things to collect when traveling as they’re convenient to carry and very inexpensive. Sometimes, you can find maps for free at a tourist center or information booth in the city you are visiting.

Actually, you can start a gallery wall into your home by framing the maps you’ve gathered from most of your journeys. Having these maps in your room can be a quick reminder of all the exciting places you’ve been to. It’ll also be a good conversation starter for visitors when they visit. If gallery walls aren’t your cup of tea, you can upgrade your old coffee table books with the maps as book covers.

Look for Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are one of the ideal things you can take back from your journeys and can keep you warm on the flight! With a Moroccan throw blanket, you can add color to any couch or hybrid mattress to make it pop. If you still can’t decide between Dunlop vs. Talalay, just throw in these comfy blankets and start binge-watching your favorite TV show.

The next time you are on a trip, bring home a lovely throw blanket. When looking for throws abroad, you should avoid shopping centers. Instead, visit local markets wherein the textiles are made by people who are selling it.

Have a Feature Wall

If you’re fond of browsing art print stalls, you can find exciting sketches like a beautiful Parisian bridge with the Eiffel Tower in the background. With that, you can consider the concept of having a travel-themed feature wall right into your home. You can start collecting small artworks and postcards from various places you’ve traveled to as mementos, illustrating the landmarks of the city.

When you get back, one of the first things you can do is to show it onto your empty wall. All you ever needed are a few photo ledges from Ikea, and you’re good to go!

You’ll definitely love this feature wall concept. It not only reminds you of your travel memories, but it is also a beautiful way to organize my mementos. Other than it’s personal, the scope will evolve over the years. Isn’t that how a home decoration must be?

Make Your Room Pop With Local Textiles

You may not be sure whether it’s a souvenir or just shopping abroad because there can be blurred lines between the two. Though, it can be your first souvenir from Mexico. On your last day, you can browse a few stalls in the Sunday market in a plaza and look for colorful, lovely tablecloths. Since these are handwoven and made of 100% cotton, you’ll be surprised by the quality it brings. Although, these locally-produced tablecloths can be expensive and can be massive in size. You might think about it at first, but you can’t fight the fact that you can’t find these in any shopping malls.

 Other than being a tablecloth, you can use it also an area rug, or even a mattress protector. The color combination of blue and yellow can bring a sunny and cheery atmosphere into your bedroom décor.



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