Ways to Keep Your Home Office Cool

Ways to Keep Your Home Office Cool

When the weather is hot and your energy bill is high it is hard to not worry if you are spending too much on keeping your home office cool. Here are four ways to save money and keep your home office cool.

1. Are your windows sealed properly?

Hot air can come into your home in various ways, including possible cracks in your windows. A good first start is to get an inspection from your local utility company. Many utility companies will come in and do an energy audit of your home. Depending on the age of the home, some may even install a new thermostat, new shower head, and install some LED bulbs around the house. They will also offer you advice, and if you take that advice, some companies will give you a rebate.

2. Can you still get natural light with curtains?

When the sun is intense and comes through your windows, it can also heat up your house. Thermal curtains can still give you some natural light but can help to keep the house from heating up. Also, if you’re only in one room most of your working day, a good fan can help to reduce your energy usage and costs. If you keep the curtains closed during the intense sun hours in the rest of the house, a fan in your office may be all you need to stay cool.

3. How’s your insulation holding up?

While properly installed insulation should prevent your house from heating up during the summer heat, not all insulation is created equal. If you feel like your air conditioning is constantly kicking in, it could be your insulation or lack thereof. An insulation contractor can make a heat map for you and see where you may be lacking. Having insulation in your walls and ceiling can help keep hot air out and your air conditioning from constantly running.

4. Have you had your HVAC system checked lately?

Having your HVAC system regularly maintained can not only save you on costly repairs, but it can also save you money on your energy bill. A good HVAC company can provide you with a contract that provides regular maintenance (usually two times a year) and discounts on repairs. This can help you keep your home cool with one less thing to deal with while you run your business. With regular maintenance, the chance of your HVAC system shutting down during the hottest day in the summer should be slim to none. However, if it does happen, that contract will help you get the repairs done fast and at a fraction of the price.

The freedom you get working from home should include comfort and cost savings. So, regular maintenance and few other interior design tricks can help you stay cool and save some money a long the way. See if you’re taking advantage of these four ways to keep your office cool, and you’ll thank yourself later.


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