What is Basal Metabolic Rate & how can you measure yours?

What is Basal Metabolic Rate & how can you measure yours?

If you talk about losing weight and getting back into shape, it is all about reducing the count of calories. The intake of a high calorie count increases the weight as well. However, this does not mean that you can survive without consuming ant calories at all. A minimum count has to be necessarily consumed so that you can perform the needed tasks during the day. With the help of an online BMR calculator, you can easily and effectively measure your metabolic rate. All the calories which you are consuming above that count contribute to the increase of weight. The minimum count of calories which an individual has to intake is called BMR (basic metabolic rate). To reduce the extra calories, you should be well aware of the BMR value.

Factors on which BMR depends

BMR varies from person to person and depends on certain factors. Some of them are listed below.

  • Measured weight

The calorie consumption depends on the weight of an individual and the target that he has in mind. For instance, some people want to retain weight and do not aim at a major reduction. As their weight is more, they have to consume a high calorie count to maintain it. The consumption limit would obviously reduce if a person with more weight is looking to reduce a major chunk. Hence, the BMR depends on a person is looking to achieve. If you are looking to reduce weight, the calorie consumption would go down. On the other hand, if you want to maintain it, the consumption limit would increase.


  • Gender plays a role

As compared to women, the BMR of men is higher. This is because they have to perform more physical tasks. This requires more energy to be consumed. On the other hand, most women do not perform a lot of physical tasks. Thus, their BMR is lower.

  • Extent of physical activity

Calories are consumed on a major scale if you are performing physical activities. People who exercise burn more calories than the ones who don’t. The sedentary activity has a major effect on the BMR value. If you are someone who works out and goes to the gym regularly, you would require more calories to complete the day. Thus, someone who sits for 10 to 12 hours daily and does follow a workout schedule would have a lower BMR.

BMR calculator is the finest alternative

Technology has made our lives a lot easier. Today, if you can get a tool to perform the most complex calculations. You do not have to understand the calculation procedures, logic or any other complex task. No such tasks have to be completed when an online calculator is being used. The best thing is that these tools are free and users do not have to pay for any feature. Most tools that promise to offer free usage have numerous conditions clipped with them. For instance, if there are ten features in total, the user would be able to use only one or two for free. To use the remaining features, the user would have to get the paid version. You do not have to worry about these restrictions if a BMR calculator is being used.

No need of technical knowledge

It becomes hard for a user to use complicated tools if they lack technical knowledge. Hence, most users prefer technological tools that are simple and no learning steps have to be completed. The BMR calculator is a simple to use tool and any user can learn it. First of all, the overall user interface is very simple. You have to provide key details related to your body. These include gender, age, weight and sedentary activity. The BMR defines the minimum calories which a particular individual requires depends on the information that he provides. For instance, someone who has a weight of 68kilos and follows a light sedentary schedule would have a specific BMR. As this tool is simple, you can use it without getting proper guidance or going through tutorials.

The possibilities of errors do not exist

When you are not using any tool but performing calculations, the chances of making errors are present at all times. This is because as humans, we tend to make mistakes. In other words, the human error angle cannot be ignored. These possibilities do not exist when a calculator is being used. As it is a technological solution, the chances of human errors do not. From the perspective of a user, a BMR calculator is the best alternative he can get his hands on. It is accurate and no calculation efforts have to be made by the user.

  • If you are using an incorrect BMR value, it means the calorie count consumption would be wrong. As a result, your weight would become more or less than your expectations. Hence, a check has to be kept on the accuracy of BMR. Using a quality tool is obviously the easiest option for users to check the minimum calories they should have during the course of the day.


Weight loss is an aim of most people who are not in shape. When you burn the extra calories, the weight gets reduced. However, you should know about the minimum calories that have to be consumed. It is impossible to survive a day without a specific calorie count and it is determined through BMR. What is the most convenient way to determine BMR? One way is that you can use several hours and use manual ways to determine BMR. This option is not convenient by any means. Apart from consuming, it is not dependable in anyway because there are chances of making errors. Hence, if you use a quality tool, you would not have to think about errors or double check things.

Online BMR calculators are free tools and users do not have to restrict their usage in any manner. All the features of these tools are free so you do not have to worry about spending money and getting a paid version. No such requirement is present and the user can use the tool for as many times as wants to.



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