What To Expect After Stoma Surgery

What To Expect After Stoma Surgery

In a situation whereby you just finished your stoma surgery and you keep on wondering how life would be after such surgery.

You don’t need to have any fear or constraints to perform your favorite activities or eat your favorite food. Though you must first be cleared on that from your surgeon that you are strong enough to.

Life After Stoma Surgery

What you will encounter after a stoma surgery depends on whether you perform colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. But below are some possible expectations. By the way, remember to buy an colostomy bag belt.

What To Expect From A Stoma Surgery

At The Hospital

You might need a few days’ stays at the hospital for follow up and checkup for further complications. When your stoma has been ascertained to have begun work properly, then you can leave for your house. You are placed under close observation of nurses and doctors who will help train you on how to take care of the skins around your stoma. And also how to change your stoma bags to avoid leakage of stool.

Before leaving the hospital, you may need to talk to your surgeon about the type of painkiller you need. When and how to administer the same to avoid an overdose.

At Home

After your surgery, there may be blood clots in the first three weeks. Swellings which with times will reduce after a week or two. And you might need bandages wrapped around the stoma with a stoma bag attached.

Falling back into a normal life procedure will surely take practice and time.

Time for your stoma to heal accordingly. And practice how to change your stoma bag regularly without the assistance of any nurse.

Adjusting to life after a stoma surgery may be daunting and tiring because you wouldn’t be able to live normally as before. So, you’ve to adjust to the new normal which at first will be hard but with time, it poses no issue at all.

There will be a censor on what you may eat and drink. At first, all you need to eat are soft food which wouldn’t result in a complication as already your stomach is in a state of shock. It then needs a careful awakening to produce the desired result.

A reduction in many demanding activities you may before be engaging in. Your doctor may advise you to stop performing some activities but not for a very long time though. This may span until your body adapts to the stoma bag.

You must ensure you take proper care of your stoma opening. The cleanliness of the surrounding area to avoid rashes or irritation.

What To Do To Ensure Full Recovery

  • What you eat in this period is highly censored. Talk to your doctor about the diet to consume the whole time i.e the first six weeks after surgery.
  • You must ensure you rest whenever you feel tired, getting enough sleep at night is one such way.
  • Do not be bedridden for days immediately after your surgery. Walk around your house maybe once every day. This is to help blood circulation and prevents pneumonia.
  • Avoid exercises such as jogging, biking, weight lifting for a couple of weeks or till your doctor says otherwise.
  • Avoid abusing pain medication. I understand there is the urge to get relieved immediately but it’s highly advisable to allow the healing process to takes its natural cause.
  • Follow the prescription of your doctor. Ensure you complete your dosage of antibiotics even when you feel better.
  • Take proper care of the area around the stoma. Washing it daily with warm water. Changing your stoma bag when it is still half-full to prevent infection.
  • Always ensure you follow the instructions of your doctor to the letter. And in the situation of any complications, inform your doctor immediately.


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