4 Methods to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options Issue in Windows 10

4 Methods to Fix Nvidia Control Panel Missing Options Issue in Windows 10

Nvidia is a very
popular name in the tech market for the excellent designing and development of
the graphics processing units for the games. The company develops chips for
various systems in the mobile computing market and the automotive market. Most
of the pcs or laptops you see, the GPUs are of Nvidia only.

You might be aware
of the NVIDIA Control Panel if you are having the GPU of Nvidia in your laptop
or pc. NVIDIA Control Panel is the application for hardware control developed
by the company. At the time of installing the Nvidia video card driver on the
computer, the control panel will come with the driver automatically. The driver
settings can be changed through the interface and the configuration of the
Nvidia hardware can also be changed.

But there are some
issues currently with the Nvidia Control Panel as many users have reported the
problem. The problem with the Control panel is that the users are not able to
find it. This problem arises generally at the time of upgrading the Windows OS
from a previous version. It even arises at the time when you wake up your pc
from the sleep mode.

If you are also
facing this issue then don’t worry as there are possible fixes available.
Today, Technographx
has come up with this article to make you aware of the different solutions for
fixing the Nvidia control panel missing
issue. Let us have a look at them.

Method 1: Restart the Nvidia Services

It might happen
that NVIDIA Control Panel went missing from the Desktop context menu as well as
the System Tray so a basic method to try is to restart the NVIDIA specific

Let us have a look
at the steps for restarting the services.

Step 1: First of
all, open the Run box by pressing Windows + R keys together.

Step 2: Now, you
have to type services.msc in the Run box and press Enter button.

Step 3: The
Services window will open up. You will see different services that are running
on your system over here. Look for the services whose name starts with Nvidia
and select each one by one and click on the Restart button. If a service has
stopped, then click on the Start button.

Method 2: Unhide your NVIDIA Control Panel

It is possible that
your control panel may be hidden by Windows at the time of upgrade from the
previous version. It is also possible that it is hidden by any other software
that has changed the graphics settings accidentally. For solving this issue,
open the NVIDIA control panel options in the Windows Control panel. Now, show
it in the desktop context menu.

  • First of all, open the run dialog
  • Now, you have to type control” in
    the Run dialog box and then press enter on the keyboard for opening the Windows
    control panel.
  • The Nvidia Control Panel will be
    seen over here so select it.
  • Now, you have to click View or
    Desktop in the Control Panel of NVIDIA and then check the Add Desktop Context
  • Right click on the desktop and
    check if the control panel reappears in the desktop context menu or not.

Method 3: Update the Graphics Drivers

Sometimes, the
problem is there with the version of the graphics drivers. If they are not
updated to the latest version then the problem might occur. You need to update
them for solving this issue.

The problem might
be occurring due to the wrong graphics driver too so check whether the graphics
drivers are the correct one or not. If they are incorrect or are out of date
then make sure that you update them.

If the above
methods didn’t work for you then no need to get sad as we have one more method
for you. Let us see them.

Method 4: Re-install the Graphics Drivers

The problem of Nvidia Control Panel missing might get
solved if we install the graphic drivers again. You need to clear all the files
and install the new driver again so the issue gets solved.

Follow the above
solutions and we ensure that the Nvidia
Control Panel missing options
will get back on your computer.

Conclusion :

So here was a brief
overview of the possible solutions for fixing the issue. You will surely get
the possible fix of Nvidia Control Panel
Missing options
for your PC from above three methods so just
follow them properly.

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