5 Apps That Make Our Life Hassle Free

5 Apps That Make Our Life Hassle Free

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. Since the time, we have been introduced to smartphone devices, we have become heavily dependent on mobile apps. Today, we have hundreds and thousands of mobile apps. All these apps are meant to do a specific task. Whether you want to track your route or find a parking space in the parking lot, mobile apps are all you need.

In a given day, we spend nearly three hours using different mobile apps. Some apps are just made to make our lives easier. You can also download casino apps for free. You can use no deposit bonus codes to avail of benefits while playing.

Apps That You Must Have In Your Phone

The good thing about using mobile apps is that most of them are free. The ones that you need to pay costs you a very minimal amount. But the apps we are talking about here are all free mobile apps. However, some of the apps may have a premium version available.

1.     WhatsApp

You will not find a single person with a smartphone who don’t have WhatsApp. This app has broken all records of popularity. We have so many other messaging apps but nothing beats WhatsApp. It allows you to stay in contact with your friends and family on the go. You can send text, call and even video call with just one single app. The app is supported by both ios and android devices.

We can download WhatsApp Plus from Topstore: https://topstorevipapp.com/

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2.     Duo

Out of all video calling apps, Duo is perhaps the easiest one to use. This is one of the very few apps that provide you with great quality video calling. All you need is a good internet connection and you are good to go. One of the cool features of Duo is ‘knock knock’ which shows you the video of the caller even before you pick up the call.

3.     Evernote

 If you tired of dealing with all your unorganised notes then Evernote is the option for you. With this one app you can take notes anywhere you want. It allows you to organise your notes, web pages and projects easily. You can even capture ideas and inspiration in voice and pictures. With this app, you never have to lose track of your deadlines and tasks again.

4.     Google Translate

Are you going to visit overseas? Then download Google Translate on your phone. With this app, you don’t have to struggle understanding an unknown language. The app can instantly translate text into 26 languages. Other than that it also offers you with two-way automatic speech translation in 40 different languages.

5.     MyFitnessPal

You can now keep yourself fit and healthy with MyFitnessPal. With this app, you can keep a count on the total number of calories you are consuming in a day. This is your perfect go-to app for tracking weight loss or to achieve your fitness goals.

Imagining a life without mobile apps have become simply impossible these days. These apps are designed to make our life easier and we are glad that they exist.

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