5 most common problems couples face in the bedroom

5 most common problems couples face in the bedroom

Apart from the mushy scenes, there are lots of problems that snore in the corners of the bedroom. These problems don’t show up all the time but when they do, they can be ear-splitting.

The love between two partners in the bedroom is infinite during the initial stages. Gradually, with the pacing time, things take a turn. Both partners become used to each other’s habits, emotions, and presence. As a result, sleeping together becomes no big deal in the future.

But that is not the end. Feelings begin to pile up as the passion for each other goes declining. This gives birth to some of the most common problems couples face in the bedroom.

1. The passion goes drowning

How many times has your partner told you that you aren’t the same? Well, what they mean is that your passion for them has taken a turn. Don’t worry. It is absolutely normal.


The hard-core puppy-love that existed during the beginning of the relationship obviously drains away with time. When couples get hit by monotony in the bedroom, it just doesn’t feel that big. While a few partners learn to get over such slight issues, others find it difficult to combat with the changing times, leading to constant arguments, nagging, and frustration.

Try to eradicate this problem by communicating with your partner. Show them some love and tell them how you feel about this. It will better the matter for you.

2. Vex on no sex

Sources say that more than 2/3 people across the globe feel that they don’t have plenty of sex throughout the year. That’s right! With the fast-pacing time, a lot of people throng complaints against their partners for giving them little or no sexual satisfaction.

As a result, partners may tend to drift apart constantly. It is crucial to throw light on such matters and discuss them with your partner. Ask them why they don’t want to have sex instead of blaming them for driving you up to the wall.

3. What’s with the sex drive?

So many partners constantly fail to understand that sex drive after a point in the relationship begins to change. Many partners face problems in the alignment of sex drive which results in problems between them.

In fact, a lot of men complaint of suffering from premature ejaculation issues due to which they fail to satisfy their partners.

For this reason, about 48% of women have reported to fake an orgasm in order to keep their sexual life going well, says Dr Ak Jain. That isn’t a great thing you see!

4. What a mess in stress!

Stress is a hell hole for every person on this god damn planet. Run away before it runs you down!

Often partners neglect each other due to overflowing stress that leaves them with no room for happiness. Besides being a mess, it is also a huge turn-off for the other spouse. In fact, constant stress may even demure your sexual urge thereby unsatisfying your partner.

Try to combat stress in every way, not just for your partner but mostly for yourself.

5. Comparisons that don’t end

How many times has your partner asked you to dress like his favourite movie star or a colleague he has a crush on? That is annoying for sure.

Everyone hates being compared to. It is not only a frustrating statement to make but also lessens self-confidence.

If you and your partner don’t stop comparing each other, you’ve got to do something about it now. Such things can leave a direct impact upon your relationship and you’ve no idea how far this can go.

You are not broken, just bent!

For all those couples in the bedroom who have infinite complaints from each other- just breathe and let it go. Don’t frustrate your relationship for things that have no permanence.

Speak to your partner. Tell them how much you love them. Listen to them carefully so you can understand their part of the story too. If you learn to do this right, there is no way by which you and your partner can’t become the same ‘Lovey-dovey’ couple you were, before it came down to this! Make it worth the wait!


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