Christmas Vacation in Las Vegas

Christmas Vacation in Las Vegas

Christmas is just four months away and it’s a favorite time of the year for many. Las Vegas is usually an activity hub at any time of the year with lots of fun activities. It’s common for some tourists to learn how to win at roulette and other online casino games before traveling.

The Christmas decorations will make you fall in love with the city over and over again while the cuisines will leave you craving for more. The yuletide season should be filled with beautiful memories whether you’re celebrating with your loved ones or alone.

You are bound to have an exciting Christmas experience if you head to the city as it will be different from your regular festive season. Las Vegas is popular for gambling and it’s the home to the top casinos worldwide.

However, many are unaware that the largest casino in the world is in Macau. There are several activities you can engage in and you will likely end up in Las Vegas next year.

The following suggestions will help you to get the most out of your Christmas trip to Las Vegas even if you’re on a tight budget.


Activities and Place to Visit

The Scuba Santa

One of the most exciting Santa Claus sightings in the world is at the Silverton Casino Hotel in Las Vegas. The scuba Santa can be seen swimming amid other marine creatures.

The scuba Santa is often pinned with a microphone which enables it to interact with visitors. Scuba Santa sighting happens in December Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm till 3:30 pm.

Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest

The magical forest is a beautifully lit desert decorated with mini trains, beautiful carousels, mini-golf courses, and a natural avalanche. Make sure you enjoy a cup of hot coffee or chocolate as you explore the forest.

It’s best to visit this place anytime from November 19th to January 1st and it’s opened every night at 5:30 pm.

The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

The Bellagio Gardens is a great place to visit in Las Vegas at any time of the year. Your Christmas trip to Las Vegas is incomplete without visiting this beautiful garden. Its exotic decorations are a sight to behold.

The good thing is that tourists can access the Bellagio Gardens 24 hours during Christmas.

Ice Skating on The Cosmopolitan

The Las Vegas strip in the middle of the city provides an interesting venue (The Cosmopolitan) to make your Christmas vacation truly memorable. Apart from ice skating, look forward to seasonal drinks, meals and refreshing music at The Cosmopolitan.

It’s usually opened once at 2 pm till midnight from November 19 through January 1st.

The Chocolate Cactus Gardens

This garden is the perfect spot if you want to taste the best chocolate worldwide. Besides, you will enjoy timeless Christmas songs from the choir and catch a glimpse of Santa as the chocolate melt in your mouth. This event will kickstart as from November 15 to January 1st.

The 3-acre location is often adorned with over 65000 Christmas light and opens every night.

The Mystic Falls Park

Ensure that you include exploring the Mystic Falls Park in your Las Vegas to-do list for Christmas. The park is located at Sam’s Town Hotel and features perfectly lit trees, snow-capped paths, garlands, ice sculptures and more.

You’ll rarely see snow here except artificial ones. Nevertheless, bring a jacket along as most evenings are usually cooler. Try to get your tickets on time and book dinner reservation in advance to avoid waiting in line.

You can carry out these tasks on your smartphone, but remember to be security conscious. Taking simple steps like relying on a password manager and updating your apps can protect you from cybercriminals.

Most of these activities are free, making Las Vegas an ideal destination for budget travelers. Las Vegas is one of the favorite tourist spots especially during Christmas seasons due to several reasons.


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