What To Expect From The Casino Industry In 2020

What To Expect From The Casino Industry In 2020

Online casino brings billions of dollars every year, so it’s no wonder that things are changing pretty fast in this industry. In order to attract more punters, every company is trying to figure out new methods that would make it stand out from the crowd. The offer is huge and competition is extremely tough these days. Things are happening pretty quickly, but that doesn’t mean that experts can’t predict trends for the near future. Moreover, there are several things that will certainly happen in the next year, which will bring big changes in online gambling.

New Payment Methods

Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is the payment method. Online casinos aren’t just about numerous games, but also about convenient playing. Therefore, fast payments are some of the most essential things in the modern casino industry. Most houses already offer a variety of methods. Besides traditional credit and debit cards, there are all kinds of e-wallets, crypto deposits and bank transfers. For the next year, we expect that most houses will expand the offer of payment methods, particularly in terms of services like Google Pay and Apple Pay.

New Regulations

Online casino is still deeply in a grey zone in most countries of the world. However, the next year will bring a lot of new regulations. For example, European Union prepares a new set of regulations about anti-money laundering, which in practice means stricter control of online casinos. Casino affiliates like Casinomartini is starting to promote casinos in the Netherlands, within the borders of these regulations. On the other side, more and more U.S. states are allowing online gambling within their borders, so we presume that this trend will continue in 2020 as well. This includes both online casinos and sports betting. The similar story is with the Netherlands, which will allow online gambling, but only for foreign operators.

More Female Gamblers

More female gamblers is another trend we expect to continue in 2020. While brick and mortar casinos are still predominately reserved for men, there is no such kind of social barrier with online casinos. Moreover, there are several websites that are specialized for female players, such as Lady Lucks. As a result, more than 40% of online gamblers in North America are women. We may presume that this number will get even bigger in 2020. Things are even better in Europe, where the number of male and female players is almost equal.

Further Development of VR and AR Technology

Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies are developing rapidly. As a result, they are becoming cheaper and more accessible to a wider range of people. Traditionally, these technologies were reserved for education and training, as well as for video games. These days, they are becoming an integral part of online casinos as well. As the technologies are developing rapidly, we count on a much better playing experience already in 2020.

Traditional Games Will Become Less Popular

According to most experts, conventional slot games are becoming less popular and that trend will continue in 2020 as well. Simply, new kinds of games are coming, which offer more options and features, as well as much better interaction with players. Also, the habits of younger gamblers are much different these days, while modern casino games also have much more advertising potential.


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