Six borage oil benefits you need to know

Six borage oil benefits you need to know

Borage oil, which is an extraction of Borago officinalis plant is a nothing short of miraculous. It is fantastic for the inflammation and also arthritis as well. Not only that, borage oil can fight a lot of skin related disease naturally. You can get the oil in both supplement form and oil form. Feeling interested yet? Good! Because we are about to discuss some more borage oil benefits.

Borage oil is Anti-inflammatory

There was a study that found 1.8 grams of oil and 2.1 grams of fish oil reduce rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in patients. You can take the borage oil as an anti-inflammatory drug. It will not have side effects, just like other anti-inflammatory drugs.

Borage oil Lower arthritis symptoms
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If you take the borage oil with other medications for the painkilling or anti-inflammatory problem, you will see improvement. Arthritis pain will get better within some time with the help of this oil. People have seen improvement in their joints from swelling or tenderness. They said they got rid of the excruciating pain of arthritis by this oil.

Borage oil Lowers fat accumulation.

Some of us struggle to lose weight for years. Studies showed that borage oil helps to stop fat accumulation in the body than vegetable oils. But you have to be consistent with your diet plan and exercise to get a result from it.

Borage oil aids growth

There are a lot of babies and infants getting borage oil supplements for help with growth. Evidence is there that premature babies were growing faster with good health because of this oil. You can also take supplements when you are pregnant with the suggestion of your doctor. Premature births can also be stopped with the help of borage oil.

Borage oil has Linolenic acid.

Borage oil contains a high level of linolenic acid. It is a type of fatty acid that we get in seed and nuts in a small amount. But you get it in a higher amount when you take borage oil. It works like a hormone in our skin and reduces inflammation from the body. Cardiovascular disease also can be helped by this acid, which is a great thing. This oil has caught a lot of attention recently as it contains more oil than other essential oils.

Borage oil Improves the skin barrier.

When we have a weak skin barrier, there are chances of having skin issues. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory content in borage oil helps a lot with skin conditions. People with eczema, dermatitis even psoriasis should try to take help from this fantastic oil. If you choose to take this oil orally, you will notice a difference within some weeks. You cannot take the essential oil in its form. Take it as a supplement.

Precaution for using Borage oil

Just like all the oils, you have to be cautious before you ingest or use it directly on your skin. For oral supplements, take the suggestion of your physician. Still, if you feel any sickness like nausea, bloating or headache, then immediately stop taking it. For allergic reaction, you will see that there is a hive, rash or swelling then do not take the oil orally or directly on the skin.

You have to be consistent with your diet plan as well. Eat well and avoid things that make your skin condition worse.

How to use borage oil

Mix 12 drops of borage oil with one ounce of either jojoba, almond or olive oil.

Apply the oil in your affected areas twice a day.

Do not forget to clean the area before you apply it.

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