Some Of The Most Common Breast Cancer Risk Factors [ The List ]

Some Of The Most Common Breast Cancer Risk Factors [ The List ]

Breast cancer is one of the deadliest cancer known to the women with almost 41,000 women who lost their life due to this disease in the United States. It’s not necessary for the breast cancer to end up being a killing machine but if the breast cancer risk and symptoms are totally ignored, they might end up in a negative manner.

Although this particular area has received a lot of studies however, we still don’t have enough of the study and research done to help us better come up with the breast cancer risk factors so that we can take control over these life threatening diseases. Because of the availability of research material we have in regards to the breast cancer, we can compile a list of breast caner risk so that one can better estimate their fate.

With that being said, here is the list of some of the breast cancer risks.

  • Female Gender. This first factor on the list is enough to give you the notion of how much we have in terms of study and research in this field. Basically anyone who is a women is susceptible to the breast cancer. Men also are susceptible to breast cancer in fact 4000 men lost their life as a result of breast cancer in United States according to the last year’s survey. However, the most common risk factor is the female gender an women are easily susceptible to this.
  • Alcohol Consumption. Alcohol consumption is seen to aid with the development of certain types of cancers all across the body contrary to the common believes of alcohol responsible for head and neck cancers only. If you’re boozing way too much then it’s the right time to consider yourself some slowing down or else it can cost you.
  • Breastfeeding. If you’ve not been breast feeing your baby then there is some bad news for you. Breast feeding reduces the risk of breast cancer and it works that way by prolonging the time for cancers to develop in the breasttissue by reducing the women’stotal number of menstrual cycles. Although it’s getting a pretty uncommon to breast feed the babies but it’s a good approach for the safety of both the mama and the baby.
  • Smoking. How can you expect smoking not being a major cause of this cancer? Smoking is one of the major contributor for the development of cancer not only in the throat but also else where in the body. Since cigarette smoke is now all over the globe, it’s really hard to keep away from it since it finds its way into the body through passive means and ends up hurting body’s proper functioning. If you’re up for some breast cancer prevention then you better give up on these bad things.
  • Obesity. Being not active around can cost us all in multiple ways. It appears that not being in a physically fit state and carrying some layers of fat around can end up being a trigger for the breast cancer.

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