Things You Should Include in Your Backpack Diaper Bag

Are you familiar with the phrase, “everything changes when you have a kid?” While it may be daunting to have another person depend on you, it is also an opportunity for you to grow as a person. This includes stepping up and making the decision that you know is best for your little one. Since a child still needs guidance in preparing for himself/herself, you need to be one step ahead and get organized.

The best thing that you can do is create a list of to-dos and must-haves. And when it comes to traveling, you’ll be leading the planning and packing. Because you’ll be bringing more than just a toy and a cracker, you need something that has a large capacity. Pockets and compartments are also great to keep things organized and easy to find. 

As you can see here, backpack diaper bags offer both qualities; large capacity and compartments. And because you’ll be wearing them hands-free, they are more comfortable to carry around. What’s great is that the market offers different varieties from stylish-looking bags to even stain-resistant bags too. 

Now that you have your bag, the next thing to do is fill it with the things you and your child will need. But before you carry your house on your back, and your child insists on bringing his/her toy collection, you can check this list first.

We call this the “must-haves,” and you can always modify it depending on the destination, age of your child, and duration of the trip.  


For Yourself

Backpack diaper bags usually have a dedicated “parent compartment.” There are also secret pockets for valuable things like phones, chargers, keys, and money for safekeeping. However, you can separate these self-explanatory must-haves on another bag if you want to keep the backpack baby-exclusive.

Most parents never miss bringing an extra change of clothes for their kids. However, you must also bring one for yourself. Kids are spontaneous energy-machines. Whether it’s drool, a diaper-change-gone-wrong, or spilled lunch spaghetti, you can never be too “extra” and ready.  


For Your Kid

  • Diapers…diapers…diapers

Babies can use up to ten diapers or more per day. And when you’re not at home, a good measure is to bring one diaper for every two hours. You can even pack more than that, as emergencies can happen and buying diapers in every stop is just not practical. Besides, it’s called a diaper bag after all. 

  • Changing pad

While some restrooms have changing stations, it is better to still bring your own changing pad. Most backpack diaper bags come with one, but even an ordinary towel will do.

  • Plastic Bags

These are for storing diapers, soiled clothes, or blankets. If you feel uncomfortable using plastic, you can search for a biodegradable one. You can also use a drawstring bag just to keep the dirty items away from other things inside the bag.

  • Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are great for clean-ups whether it’s your hands, your baby’s bum, or the changing pad. Bags like the one from DadGear have a bottom flap that is fantastic for quick access on wipes. Separated compartments for wipes are great since you’ll mostly need them on-the-go. This way, you don’t have to dig through the bag. You can also store sanitizers or alcohol close to the wipes.  

  • Ointments

You can avoid diaper rash or soothe an existing one with an ointment. Bringing a travel-size tube in your bag can keep your baby comfortable for a long travel duration.

  • Extra Clothes

Bring comfortable ones. Going to the beach? Perhaps three coats aren’t necessary.

  • Food and Water

A hungry kid (or adult) is a grumpy kid. You can bring light snacks and water, especially for long travels. Avoid anything that might trigger stomach problems. If you have a baby, you can keep breast milk in insulated bottles or dedicated compartments in the bag. 

  • Extra Handkerchief or Washcloths

Besides wipes, extra washcloths or hand towels are useful for quick clean-ups. They can also keep your child’s clothes from other messes. 

  • Blanket 

No matter what the weather is, a blanket is fantastic to keep your child extra comfortable. You can also use it as sun protection when going out.


  • Toys and Activities

Tablets are great to keep your child busy. However, it is better to use it as the last option. You can start with activity books or interactive puzzle toys. Your whole family can even take advantage of the time and play games like 21 Questions, or I Spy.

If you’re worried about bulk, avoid bringing toys that have multiple parts. Before the trip, try compromising with your child on how many toys he/she can bring. 

  • Sunscreen

Besides jackets, blankets, and hats, sunscreen is also a must-have to avoid direct contact with UV rays. Even if you’re using a stroller canopy, it is better to have an extra layer of protection using sunscreen. 

  • First Aid Kit

Be sure to check if your first aid kit is complete before putting it in the bag. You can also keep everything organized and sterile using zip-lock bags. If the kit is too bulky, store the items like flu medications and band-aids among the backpack’s pockets.


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